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  1. A couple of the companies sent him a letter saying something to the effect of "this letter confirms the verbal agreement to electronically deduct $x monthly from your bank account." It didn't say for how long, or what they would do in return. Interesting tactic.
  2. OK, so it turns out he's made payment plans with a couple of JDBs and a CA. He let them automatically take money out of his account. I told him to cancel those drafts ASAP. Beyond that, I don't want to advise him to do anything that will result in him getting sued. They're all calling him, even the ones he was paying. He wants the calls to stop. We're in Texas, so we can still DV. Is that the way to go, or is that just going to precipitate a suit?
  3. Thanks, I will find out more when I talk with him tomorrow.
  4. So I'm talking to a friend of mine about helping him with credit repair, and he tells me that he has some collection accounts (credit cards). He made the mistake of working out a payment agreement with them where he sends them a few dollars every month. Once someone does this, what can they do? They've basically admitted that they owe the debt, they've restarted the SOL, and they've wasted some money. What can be done?
  5. If anyone could find the link, I'd really like to read that article.
  6. That's strange. Are you sure they weren't just asking you for a copy of a bill or something to prove your address? Don't worry about the accout numbers. Just identify them as they appear.
  7. Some people have had success with online disputes, but the seasoned experts here recommend that you ALWAYS dispute via certified mail, return receipt requested (CMRRR). That way you have a paper trail in case you have to sue them. Go ahead and dispute all of them. Send a letter to each bureau and get the ball rolling. How long is the statute of limitations for these debts in PA? Are the debts in/out of the SOL? Also, once you dispute, the bureau will send you a copy of your updated credit report.
  8. Have you disputed the medical collections with the 3 credit bureaus? That would be the first step. With them being from 2008, they might fall off. Are there any other negative items on your reports?
  9. Sure, I would call it a ripoff instead of a scam. I don't think the business should be outlawed, I just think its a waste of money, like the lottery or scented candles.
  10. Lawyers and mechanics both have specific, identifiable, difficult to obtain knolwedge that enables them to charge money for what they do. What knowledge does any debt settlement company have that is not available to me through a google search?
  11. Well, that one says that any claim arising out of or relating to the "Program..." Program is a defined term, so you'd need to find out the definition.
  12. Wow, 90%? I guess that makes sense. I guess people should get an account with Timbuktu National Credit Union.
  13. So how does one go about that? How to creditors find bank accounts in the first place? Would it be effective to open an account in a state you don't live in, travel to, or do business in?
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