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  1. I think you need to meet with an attorney...he will help you properly.....thanks for sharing your problem... (removed link)
  2. When someone sues you, you must respond with an answer to the plaintiff's complaint within a certain period of time. If you miss the deadline, a default judgment may be entered against you, which could result in the judge granting the relief the plaintiff requests in her complaint.
  3. The point of a mortgage foreclosure is so that a lender can satisfy the debt of the mortgage that is on a home. Consider lengthening the term of a mortgage or contacting an alternative lender with help from a civil mediator.
  4. Merry Christmas....Nice post....thanks for sharing... Massachusetts Bankruptcy Attorney
  5. The most common complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (by far) year after year it received 66627 complaints against third-party debt collectors in 2005.. AmeriQuest Recovery Services LLC Amresco Consumer Receivables Corporation