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  1. I get paid biweekly and the amount they are taking out is $250-$260, depending on my check. My biweekly check that I receive is $510--which is not even enough to pay my $1200 a month rent, let alone feed my kids, and pay the electric and everything else. I just juggle bills each month, and I'm behind on everything! I will call the creditor today and see what I can get them to agree to. Truthfully, I think the judgment is nearly paid in full, although they give me different amounts every time I talk to them. They state this is because the judgment is earning 10% interest. This is crazy to me! Thanks both of you for responding to this!
  2. Okay, this is once again about Arrow Financial. I disputed the information (dates and amounts were incorrect), the CRA came back with a verified. I had, at the same time, sent a request for validation to Arrow--which they signed for. When I saw that they had verified, yet not validated anything for me, I tried to call them--Track America takes their calls and informed me that the law firm of Weinstock, Friedman, & Friedman had taken possession of that account. I proceeded to call them. I was informed that they had just received the account on November 28, 2010 from Arrow, Arrow has thirty days to provide them with the information, so they would respond to me the end of December. I then, just to be sure, called Arrow (Track America) once more to verify what date they claimed they had passed the account on. If this law firm did not receive it until November 28, why did they not respond to my request from the beginning of November? They claim that they transferred this account on April 9, 2010 and no longer have information about it. HUH?! How did they verify in November if they don't even have the account. After a lot of searching I was finally able to contact Experian (the only CRA that would actually answer a phone call) to ask how they could possibly have verified this information if Arrow did not even have the account? He was not very helpful, nor was he very nice. He simply stated that he would request a second investigation (why so they can reverify when they receive the nonexistent information?!) When I attempted to call this law firm again today I get as far as entering my account number to speak with a representative and then I get disconnected. I have tried to call them six times and gotten the same results! I have already sent a validation letter to this firm, but come on! What kind of ridiculous crap is it that the CRA can verify an account that does not even sit with this company anymore? This is crazy! Any advice of what my next moves are?
  3. clabbergirl; don't I know about living off the additional money coming back from my classes! It always seems to be disbursed just when I think I am finally not going to be able to hold on any longer, and then like magic it is there and I get my bills all caught up until the next time! This wage garnishment is literally killing me at this point! I was barely scraping by before, I get paid every two weeks and at least $250 is coming out of my checks--leaving me with a whopping $510 for a two week pay period. My rent alone is $1200, that does not even count the money needed to feed my kids, pay electric, water, etc; and drive to work. This really sucks!! (Sorry, just had to whine for a minute-I feel much better thanks:-)) I was also concerned about still being eligible for loans after filing bankruptcy, I have a call in to my financial advisor, but she hasn't responded to my questions yet. Good luck to you too!!!
  4. As far as I know, the landlord did it himself--I was not aware that I was supposed to be in court. The situation with that landlord was a bit of a mess. They are a really big company in the county I came from, so it was not an individual landlord. I had been receiving assistance from the county to pay my rent when I moved into that house 6 years prior to all of this transpiring. The rent on the unit was $1375. Shortly after moving in, I decided not to continue receiving assistance and requested that it be cancelled. The landlord continued to renew my lease yearly, and would increase the rent by like $10 per year or something. Then something came up with their accounting; when I received my new lease agreement to sign in 2009, the rent was actually reduced by $75 from what it had been. I thought that could be a mistake, but I signed for another year and sent it in, thinking if they caught it so be it, if not, then my rent was reduced. When I received the signed paperwork showing another year's renewal (at the reduced rate), I figured they just had not caught it (after all, how many landlords actually reduce your rent from year to year!) So, yes I knew that I was "getting over on them" but I figured it was their mistake--right?! WRONG! Two months after beginning to send in the new payment amount, I got a nasty letter from them telling me I still owed a couple hundred dollars for the part of the rent that had not been paid during the past couple months, plus late fees tacked onto that. I sent a nice letter asking them to research this as my lease showed that I only owed xx amount per month. Well, research it they did, and then came back with a claim that they had not been aware that I was no longer receiving assistance for rent, so now I had to give them a new security deposit, sign a new lease, and they were raising the rent to $1850 which was considered fair market value for that area. If I was unable or unwilling to do so, then I had until October 1, 2009 to vacate the home. Long story short, I could not afford the amount they were asking for, and truthfully, there is no WAY they did not know that I had not been receiving assistance for 6 years--they would have had a contract from the county for the part of the rent they were paying, and they could not have. Instead of fighting them, after all--I didn't have the money for an attorney--and my sister had just passed away, I just moved out on Oct. 1 on the strength of only the letter they had sent. On October 6, I got paperwork stating that they had been awarded a judgment against me in court for 4800, and on Oct. 12, they began garnishing my wages. That being said, in retrospect I realize that nothing that was done was exactly legal, and had I gone to court to fight it, I probably would have won. Unfortunately, I figured that there was no point in trying to fight a company that had a lot more money and clout in the county than I did, so I just let them stick it to me. I'm sorry, I know you didn't ask for all of that information--just a simple question--but truthfully, it still burns me up at myself that I allowed that to go on!!! I have a long and sad history of not holding onto documents that I need, and of just shutting my mouth and taking it when people try to get over on me. I am trying to change all of that, because it has truly cost me a lot of money over the years!! Thanks and I'm sorry again for the long post!
  5. I just saw a question another user had asked, and it made me start thinking--is it possible to negotiate a settlement of a judgment with the lawyer for less than what the actual judgment amount is? This company is currently garnishing my wages, so they are not in fear of not getting paid, but honestly this is killing me! I cannot pay my bills each month with what they are taking out of my paychecks! I don't know if it is too late to get them to work with me or not, the judgment is from the beginning of 2009.
  6. Thank you Denita. I am glad that you have made it through your treatments, and are presumably cancer free. I am working full time. My income was just enough to pay my bills before, but I have a credit card company that began garnishing my wages a couple months ago, so now I can't really say that. I do not have any extra money, I am having to juggle which bills to pay which week at this point. I did have some concerns about the student loans I am still going to need to apply for in the coming year, so I was a little unsure about the way bankruptcy would affect that. Honestly, all of my debt is over four years old at this point. I honestly did not think that bankruptcy was a good option for me, but after meeting with the realtor and hearing his take on it, I thought "What do I know?!" I thought maybe he was right. The only thing that worries me is that these judgments will never be paid off, and I am trying to stay extra vigilant about making sure none of these other companies try to take me to court. I am fighting everything I possibly can, and trying to work out arrangements with everyone else. I think maybe I will just stick with that. Thanks again for you advice!!
  7. It has been nearly a year since this was paid off--do you think that is normal? And I never actually received anything from the landlord who had the judgment, they garnished my wages and were paid entirely through that. Should I call the landlord and request a copy of that, my employer, or the courthouse in your opinion? Thanks again!
  8. Thank you! I will call the courthouse as soon as they open this morning and start with that.
  9. I am currently taking college courses. I have federal grants and several student loans that are currently listed as in good standing (of course the payments won't be due until 2012...) I am considering filing Ch 7 bankruptcy because of some serious financial issues hanging over my head. However, I will not be finished with schooling until November 2011, so I will have to apply for more loans in order to finish my program. Does anyone know if filing for bankruptcy will prevent me from getting any more loans? I am thinking I will try to consult with an attorney tomorrow if I can find one to talk to me, but I was just curious if anyone here had any experience with that. Thanks in advance!
  10. Without going into a lot of details that nobody really wants to hear:-) I had a realtor pull my credit report today and tell me that the best thing for me to do is to file bankruptcy. I thought that should be the last resort, so I have been dutifully trying to verify and delete accounts that cannot be proven and am trying to work out payments to others that can for the past month and a half or so. I do, however, have several judgments--one has been satisfied (although it doesn't show on my credit report), one is currently being paid through a wage attachment, and one is pending--just sitting there while I make petty little payments to try and appease the people I owe. Will bankruptcy wipe these judgments out? Will I be better off, or worse once I do this? My credit score is pretty sad (FICO reporting 499), but I am in college and am getting student loans to help pay for the costs of schooling. I won't be finished with school until November 2011, so I will have to reapply for more loans next year. I don't want to ruin my chances of finishing school because I filed bankruptcy. One other thing that is pretty large actually. I lost my younger sister last year to breast cancer, I now have reason to suspect that I may have this also. (Testing scheduled for next week) I have three kids who are still young (I am a single mom), who will need to have something to take care of them should (God forbid) this be serious. This is the biggest single reason I am thinking that bankruptcy may be the best answer, as I do not want anyone in my family to have to concern themselves with my past misdeeds when everything else is going on. Advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much in advance!!
  11. Okay, me again! I had a judgment that a previous landlord brought against me the beginning of 2009. That judgment was paid through a wage attachment; my last payment was made in January 2010. The judgment is still showing as unpaid on my credit reports. I filed a dispute with the CRAs requesting they change the status of this to "satisfied" or "paid", but it has not been done. Apparently this is a pretty big deal because it still shows that I have an outstanding judgment in that amount; although I do not. Does anyone know how to get this information updated on my credit report? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!!!
  12. Thanks for the advice! Will this work even though they have already sent this account to another agency? They are claiming that they no longer have any information concerning this account. (Although they certainly had enough information to "verify" with the CRAs!) I had a realtor look at my credit tonight to see what I needed to do to qualify for a house. He actually recommended that I file bankruptcy! And I am currently in school, I have student loans that won't need to be paid on until 2012 when I complete my program, he claims that this is dragging my score down even further. How can that be if they are listed as accounts in good standing? Anyone ever heard of that before? I don't want to file bankruptcy until I see what I can take care of on my own. Bankruptcy seems so final.
  13. Okay, so I disputed the information for several accounts with all three of the CRAs, but at the same time, I also sent in validation letters to the CAs listed on my reports requesting validation. I received my first one a couple days ago, from Jefferson Capital. The letter states that they disagree with my dispute, but are closing my files and removing the lines from my credit reports. That's the first one. The next one was the stupid one with Arrow Financial, I sent the dispute letter to Arrow, received the signed receipt acknowledging they got it, but when I checked my credit report again, both of these companies are showing up as verified in November 2010. I sent a copy of the letter from Jefferson to the three CRAs, along with a letter asking them how they could have verified and to remove this information immediately, but my question concerns Arrow. On November 11, they signed for the letter. They apparently updated and "verified" the information with the CRAs also in November, but I never received anything from them. I attempted to call Arrow to find out where my validation was. What I got was a run around. Apparently, they say they never received my letter (it was signed for!), and on November 28, they transferred the account to an attorney's office--Weinstock, Friedman, & Friedman. When I call this company, they claim that they do not yet have any information concerning this account, that Arrow has 30 days to transfer it to them. In the meantime, this account is sitting there. I went one step further and attempted to contact HSBC who is listed as the original creditor. The only information they can give me is that the account was sold in December 2007 to Arrow Financial. Who, by the way, is not even the company who answers the phone when I call there-it is some company called Track America. HSBC claims this account is for an Orchard Bank card that was opened in March of 2007, but they have no signed contracts because everything was done online. What in the world! How am I supposed to know if this account is even mine if nobody has any kind of information on it!!!!!????? This seriously could be a full time job just trying to navigate through the maze of debt buyers; no wonder credit repair organizations charge such outrageous fees! Any advice on where to go from here? I just sent off the validation letter to this new attorney's office, but honestly, I expect they will do the exact same thing as Arrow, and sell it to someone else. Is this legal?
  14. Unbelievably, the company credited me back the entire amount they took, they have not been able to get the funds yet because it hasn't been in the account. Yet, today I received a letter from them to inform and thank me for settling this account in full!
  15. Just wanted to update you on the resolution of this issue with First National. When I last talked to the "VP of operations" yesterday, I told him that I had spoken to the Attorney General's office, I knew they were jerking me around, and if I did not have my money in my hands by yesterday evening, I was going ahead with the suit I was filing. (I don't even know if I had any grounds to file a suit, but it sure sounded good, and felt good to turn the tables on them for a change!) So anyway, I didn't really believe that I would see my money again without a fight, but I left the conversation at that. Lo and behold, this morning I checked my account, and that money--all of it-- was right back in my account!!!!! What do you know, sometimes if you stand up to them they really do back down! Here's to hoping that will work with a couple more of these guys.