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  1. i'm looking to purchase a home in the near future?? My current lease runs out in June and I plan on buying a house at that time. If I refinance my auto loan now will my credit score go down and affect me in not obtaining a mortgage around June? Thanks!
  2. I've hired lexington law....tried to do it myself and I still have multiple late payments, foreclosures, charge offs, collections, and medical bills all on my credit report....i am extremely frusterated ... [Revised]
  3. ok...i called one of the collection agencies that didnt respond within the required 30 day time period and they told me they mailed me the letter....problem is...i never received their pay letter...they said they will send another one....what do i do? accept it or do something else since the 30 day time period has passed....
  4. for secured loans....should you do 1 bank at a time or can you do all 3 at the same time??
  5. i didnt get a response from anybody off that email list....
  6. I need help on what to do next...i sent out 623 letters for 5 negative items to 3 companies on some medical collection items and foreclosures and haven't gotten a response back within the 30 days....i sent the items certified with tracking so i know they received the letters....i got a phone call from one of the CAs saying that they received the letter and told me over the phone they have records of the negative item....i told them i have no knowledge of this and that I need documented proof to be mailed to me and they never sent it to me...for the other 2 companies I have heard nothing from them!?!?!? this is good for me right?? seems to be a violation of FRCA right??? what are the next steps i should take??? any help would be appreciated!! thanks!!!
  7. could anyone help me explain how i was able to get 1 foreclosure removed on transunion....but not the other one??? both foreclosures with harris bank were condo units in the same building and when i disputed with TU only 1 came off while the other stayed on....explanations??
  8. first off....i didnt stiff anyone...i fell behind on payments due to lack of job/income....i had 25000+ in cc debt and paid all of it back within the year of getting a job/income....i dont understand why some negative TLs get removed while others dont??? also...i tried to apply for a secured cc with bofa and they rejected me?!?!? which i dont understand at all since I have funds to sufficiently put down on the card....bofa is my bank also...
  9. well...you might be right....i thought the purpose was to get negative items deleted from your credit report to raise your score...am i right or wrong?? well this is something that i have neglected entirely....my thing was I am afraid that if i apply for credit at this time i would get rejected based on my past credit history and i didnt want the inquiries added to my credit reports at this time since i am trying to raised my score....any suggestions here??? i have become a member to 3 different credit unions so i will look into trying to get a credit card with one of them....any other suggestions are greatly appreciated....thanks!!!
  10. that's what it looks like...but what's so frusterating as well is that Discover and HSBC were able to delete negative TLs with simple disputes while others won't budge...does anyone have contact info for any of the CC companies that have had successful GW letters sent to them??? thanks...
  11. i would appreciate a pm for citibank contact info as well since i have a few lates that i would love to have removed as well as a result of a job loss...i have paid off my debt to them so hopefully they will listen....thanks!
  12. with this credit repair process cuz it seems like its stalling...here's a rundown on what i have done so far....any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!!! Bank of America - 2 negative accounts with late payments...disputed and MOV...both came back verified Cap1 - 2 negative accounts....1 with late payments...disputed and MOV...both came back verified....the other is a chargeoff....disputed, MOV, 623 letter...all came back verified Chase - 2 negative accounts with late payments...disputed and MOV...both came back verified Citibank - 1 negative account with late payments...disputed and MOV...both came back verified GEMB - 1 negative account with late payments...disputed and MOV...both came back verified Harris Bank - 2 foreclosure accounts...disputed and MOV...both came back verified....sending out a 623 letter to them with tracking PRA - Cap1 chargoff....disputed, MOV, 623 letter...all came back verified Northwest Collectors - medical bill....disputed and MOV...both came back verified....sending out a 623 letter to them with tracking Medical Business Bureau - medical bill....disputed and MOV...both came back verified....sending out a 623 letter to them with tracking I was successful in getting negative accounts with Discover and HSBC to get deleted since they had late payments... Reason why I fell behind on my payments was cuz I lost my job....If anyone has had success with GW letters to the above credit card companies....i would appreciate any info thru a PM on contact info with those companies to send the GW letter to...thanks! seems like the last thing to do!!! I finally was able to pay off ALL my debt last year so I have 0 debt except for my student loan....all the accounts are closed and the lates are from 2008-2009. any other suggestions....would help tremendously...thanks!!
  13. I thought that the purpose of a 623 letter was to request the actual proof that the OC provided the CRAs? am i not right or am i thinking of something else?
  14. like i said....i asked them to provide me the actual proof they provided the CRAs when I initially disputed with them.
  15. over 100 looks and no replies??? any help/guidance would be appreciated!!! thanks!
  16. Just got a letter from Capital One today after sending them a 623 letter....in their reply back to me they just stated that what appears on my credit reports matches their records....this doesnt seem like the adequate proof I was requesting in my 623 letter to them stating that I wanted to see the acutal proof they showed the CRAs during their initial investigation in my initial dispute....right??? now what should i do?? respond back to them saying so?? will this help?
  17. i just got past old statements from 2010 in the mail from them (GE Money)...i guess that's their way of showing their proof to me...now what? still try the goodwill letter?
  18. Its about 5-6 late payments from mid 2009. The account is currently closed and I payed it off to a zero balance....hope this info. helps....thanks!
  19. Is there any way to make money or profit from this bubble?
  20. why would this letter be handy in the future?? the only thing i want is to get this negative listing removed from my credit files!!! any suggestions??
  21. then what are the right questions?? i seem to be unknowlegable in this matter... in my 623 letter i asked them to provide me the proof that they provided the CRAs in my initial dispute with the CRAs, which doesnt seem the OC provided in their reply letter back to me as I stated in my initial post...i followed the correct procedures in disputing with the CRAs first...came back verified....followed up with a MOV letter and finally a 623 letter to the OC...i didnt however send the letters CMRRR. GEMB are reporting late payments...which seems to be accurate....what I'm trying to do is trying to get this negative listing removed from my credit files to improve my credit score to purchase a car.... does this added info. help any??? thanks!
  22. well that was what i was asking...then why are they sending me a letter stating this then??? seems pointless...other than just acknowledging they recieved my OC dispute with them i guess...right???
  23. 60 looks and no responses?? really?? any help would be appreciated!!! thanks!!!
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