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  1. Thanks, very good read. I think I came to the same conclusion as you. Maybe, some others would like to weigh in on this matter.
  2. Thanks. What about the Deleware SOL, has it ever been successful in Michigan?
  3. I received a dunning letter/settlement offer from Cawley & Bergmann representing Cavalry Portfolio Service. The alledged account is listed as a WAMU/CHASE from 2009. The amount is between 5-7k. I have never talked to them, but they did leave me 2 friendly messages. I haven't DV-ed them, yet. I have about 1.5 weeks left to do this. Has anyone had any experience with this JDB/Law office? I live in Michigan, has anyone successfully used the SOL from Deleware? Thanks, for any info.
  4. The judge was like, the BOS was marked 02/10/10 and the CC statement was thru 01/22/10. She asked me if Chase tried to collect the amount on that statement and I replied I have never seen a any chase statements before, until the one was included in the complaint. She said then said, that she didn't have a doubt that the my alledged account was bought by Equable in feb. 2010. Didn't make sense to me.
  5. I never thought about a appeal, but I will look into it. I argued that the JDB buys many accounts at the same. The argreed they buy many accounts at the same time. Then, I argued how does the BOS show that they bought my alledged account and it should of included my name & account # on it. The attorney said then it would have to show everyone's name and account number, but they would have to blackout every name & account #'s except yours due, to privacy issues. I replied exactly, that would show that you puchased my alledged account. No Luck! I also brought up the fact that the MSJ said a CC agreement was attached and it wasn't. Then the attorney said it was attached to the original complaint and I replied that it wasn't. He looked for it and could not find it. Didn't matter.
  6. Thank you guys for all you time and effort with my case. I Loss my MSJ today, but I felt comfortable and put up a good fight. I knew that I WASTED alot of time and would have been better prepared. If I had to do it over I would of filed for Arbitration. The Judge was nice and polite. I had the opportunity to make my case, but she wasn't buying. She said that I didn't prove there was anything wrong with the material facts. I argued the bill of sale didn't show my alledge account # or name or amount. She said since the CC statement was attached to the bill of sale that was good enough for her. I argued several other points and told her discovery was still on going. It still didn't matter. The attorney tried to settle before court for 100% debt but with payments. I said no. After the judgement was final, I filed a motion for installment payments. Thanks again. I learned alot and felt good when I left the court.
  7. How do I subpoena a Affiant in michigan if they are out of state? Do I send it to the attorney working for the CA? And whos name do I put on it? Is there a time frame in which it must be served before a MSJ? I looked and couldn't find this info.
  8. So, if I mail this stuff out later today(tuesday) it will be considered served? Do I have to mail it out during post office hours or anytime before midnight on tuesday?
  9. Where would I put this information at? On the opposing MSJ or argue in court?
  10. Opposing brief is being finished. I'm not going to change too much and will add what BV80 suggested. I have been having printer problems. Also, I had all my info inputed into the forms and it didn't get saved.
  11. BV80 They never attached a agreement, just the generic bill of sale that doesn't have a amount, account # , my name, or what they paid for the account. I just posted some more docs. There was a affidavit in a supplement was (added after) added to the MSJ.
  12. I thought I listed these on here last night.
  13. The credit card statement didn't show any purchases or payments. It only only showed late fees and overlimit fees.( then no privity of contract) As far as discovery, I haven't asked for this. Is it too late for this?
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