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  1. I went to their site and only have a branch within about 100-miles of where I live. Is it worth driving that far to setup the account? Will they even consider an account for someone that far? do you have to be a veteran or active military? thanks guys- just checking to see if you drive a bit for their 'good-deals' -
  2. I am needing another card to help increase credit score in the upcoming months. I have searched the list of friendly FAIR credit cards: My scores are 590 TU, 617 EFX, 650 XPN. I tried Walmart store card yesterday; NO GO! .. I also tried Discover card: OOPS NO WAY! I don't want to run up a billion inquiries. I have 2-capital one cards that I LOVE! But want something different. Neither of my capital one cards have a yearly processing fee nor setup fee. That was my only qualifier. Interest rate at this minute is not important since I am only using them for credit increase. I have trained myself w
  3. Just want to say that I have been VERY happy with capital one. I have had one account over a year and another for two months. I received normal/natural increases over the short course of time and I have horrible credit! Having those cards have significantly helped my credit. The secret is to keeping the balance below 30%. I have also seen playing with the balance 5%, 10%, 25% when statements are due- seems to help. Go from 30% to 5% to 25% -to 10% etc.. this shows maximum activity and gets the most points.
  4. In the process of rebuilding credit, I have had some contradicting information. I had a bankruptcy and foreclosure 5-years ago and had several tradelines then. MOST were properly noted within BK on my CR. IS there ANY benefit of removing any of those which report from 2005 (INCLUDED/DISCHARGED BANKRUPTYCY CHP 7) -? The comment from the credit coach I hired was to NOT TOUCH THOSE Since they could re-open/re-prioritize them on my report and cause a major score drop. thanks for your input!
  5. After 2-years of battling, I have spent about $1000 in fees for 2-different individuals to 'repair' my credit. I do not need anyone to tell me what I already know = I should have done it myself. The first took $500 and never called back. The second $450 and raised my score about 40pts but did nothing to help a few legit ERRORS on the report. Their comment was that the Underwriters would just overlook them and to not touch them. NOT!!! I just spoke with an underwriter who stated even with a 640-middle fico that I would likely be denied due to shaky credit after bankruptcy. I have spent a few da