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  1. I went to their site and only have a branch within about 100-miles of where I live. Is it worth driving that far to setup the account? Will they even consider an account for someone that far? do you have to be a veteran or active military? thanks guys- just checking to see if you drive a bit for their 'good-deals' -
  2. I am needing another card to help increase credit score in the upcoming months. I have searched the list of friendly FAIR credit cards: My scores are 590 TU, 617 EFX, 650 XPN. I tried Walmart store card yesterday; NO GO! .. I also tried Discover card: OOPS NO WAY! I don't want to run up a billion inquiries. I have 2-capital one cards that I LOVE! But want something different. Neither of my capital one cards have a yearly processing fee nor setup fee. That was my only qualifier. Interest rate at this minute is not important since I am only using them for credit increase. I have trained myself well to not use them for leisure. Thanks!
  3. Just want to say that I have been VERY happy with capital one. I have had one account over a year and another for two months. I received normal/natural increases over the short course of time and I have horrible credit! Having those cards have significantly helped my credit. The secret is to keeping the balance below 30%. I have also seen playing with the balance 5%, 10%, 25% when statements are due- seems to help. Go from 30% to 5% to 25% -to 10% etc.. this shows maximum activity and gets the most points.
  4. In the process of rebuilding credit, I have had some contradicting information. I had a bankruptcy and foreclosure 5-years ago and had several tradelines then. MOST were properly noted within BK on my CR. IS there ANY benefit of removing any of those which report from 2005 (INCLUDED/DISCHARGED BANKRUPTYCY CHP 7) -? The comment from the credit coach I hired was to NOT TOUCH THOSE Since they could re-open/re-prioritize them on my report and cause a major score drop. thanks for your input!
  5. After 2-years of battling, I have spent about $1000 in fees for 2-different individuals to 'repair' my credit. I do not need anyone to tell me what I already know = I should have done it myself. The first took $500 and never called back. The second $450 and raised my score about 40pts but did nothing to help a few legit ERRORS on the report. Their comment was that the Underwriters would just overlook them and to not touch them. NOT!!! I just spoke with an underwriter who stated even with a 640-middle fico that I would likely be denied due to shaky credit after bankruptcy. I have spent a few days tackling about 6-issues: 1.)**UNRESOLVED** personal JUDGEMENT: This was related to the bankruptcy itself. I did send a DV letter back in april and do NOT remember seeing any type of documentation or letter verifying it, but it did update my credit profile as verified in May of 2010. The judgement is for $690 and was related to a car I sold on ebay in 2004/2005. The guy bought it 'as-is' not able to operate, and took me to court for his time invested to make it operate/plate fees and misc. His suit was for about $5k and the judge adwarded him $650 - likely due to me not showing up at court. My lawyer simply stated I did not need to worry about it. My lawyer will NOT CALL ME BACK now to verify that the letter was sent to this person during the bankruptcy and is he is no longer in the Bankruptcy business. I just sent another dispute stating it was included in the bankruptcy. We will see how the court responds. The case has been 4-years out now; I am in Indiana and plantiff in NJ. They have NOT tried to collect on this judgement ever. 2.) ***UNRESOLVED** VERIZON: 2-years ago. There are many errors such as the 'open' date on the credit report showing that I opened it last year. I have not had Verizon service for about 2-years now! They claim I owe $490 -- and I remember most of it being early termination. We did not have service (internet-hi speed) where we lived and did NOT continue. I believe the early termination was about 3-months before the 2-year contract expired. 3.)*** UNRESOLVED** PENN CREDIT - ALLEGHENY POWER : They are BEASTS!! They will not accept a PFD. I have called MANY time and costing them customer service dollars. Again, during the move-- the landlord asked we kept the electric on (sump pump) for new tenants. The new tenants did not transfer in time and we had the final bill $196.00 - we never gave our forwarding address to them, but had our mail forwarded for 6-months (standard). Their collections obviously came 6-months after that period and they claim my mail came back undeliverable. DUH! They are unwilling to budge for any payment. ANY Help is appreciated.
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