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  1. What is the average length of time a JDB holds an account before taking any court action or selling account to another JDB? Is it common for a JDB to hold an account for 12 months without any legal action?
  2. Thanks, thats what I thought. Wouldn't that reinforce what Prosay was saying?
  3. I'm not sure if I'm asking the question clearly, but here it is. If a OC charged off (as bad debt) an account that had a balance of $1000.00 and sold that account to a JBD for $100, what amount could the OC write off as bad debt?(for tax purposes)$900?? If the JBD doesn't collect on this account, can they write off this account as bad debt? If so, what amount would they be able to write off? $100?? Do you see what I'm getting at?
  4. Today, I received a Notice of Dismissal on this case. It was dismissed without prejudice. This JBD has had my account for 12 months, now. What do you guys think? What are they doing?
  5. According to them the insurance reversed the payment and they sent me a bill. Thanks, for all your replies.
  6. I got a bill from a debt collector for a doctor bill that is not mine. It's my daughters bill.(96.21) I have told the doctor's office 5-6 times to bill her because it is her responsibility. I told the doctor's office when my daughter turned 18 years old, to send all of her bills to her and that I wasn't responsible for them anymore. They said ok. My daughter went to the doctors after she was 19 yrs. old(she thought she still had insurance but she wasn't a fulltime student at the time). They tried billing the insurance and they paid it, then denied it. I'm going to DV them. How is this differen
  7. They did file it with the court about two weeks after thethey said they were going to. But they just let the summons expire, so where would the violation be?
  8. They have my address because when they sent me the letter saying they were going to file, I sent a DV letter. They did respond to that at the end of november. They sent me a alledged copy of my alledged account monthly statement with no activity except late fees and interest charges. Also, they sent a copy of the alledged agreement.
  9. They said they were going to file against me and sent me a sample of what it may look like(no case # on it). At that time it wasn't filed and they asked me to pay XXXXX or they would file. I have been calling the courthouse ever since. I wanted to make sure that they didn't say I was served, trying to get a default judgement against me.
  10. A summons(complaint) was filed on 10-28-10 and expired on 1-27-11. There wasn't any attempt to serve me and they have no record of service. I checked to see if another case was filed and there wasn't. I will continue to check the courthouse to watch for a case against me. What do you guys think happened? Thanks, for your opinions.
  11. Thanks for the quick responses. I will send it to both of them today.
  12. Who do you send the DV letter to? It says Creditor's Interchange representing Equable Ascent Financial, who do I send a DV letter to both? I never seen a dunning letter. I got a payment demand last week (in the mail) and been receiving calls for months.
  13. A JBD called my parents house today and left a message for me or my representative regarding a debt. I got a call from my parents when they got home. I then called the JBD and told them not to call my parents house I don't live there. I also said it was a FDCPA violation and they say it wasn't. They were taping me and i said it was illegal to record me in Michigan without two-way consent. They said that they could because it was for quality assurance. Is this true? If it is true can I legally tape them? I just said have a nice day and hung up. The lady got aggressive real fast and I could of p
  14. Lawsuit to Enforce Arbitration Award Dismissed Creditor sent a credit card dispute to arbitration. The arbitration was held in Delaware pursuant to the credit card agreement. (Probably a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) Creditor then sought to reduce the arbitration award to judgment in Michigan. A provision in the credit card agreement provided that Delaware law applied to the agreement. Delaware law provided that the arbitration award was to be enforced in Delaware. Despite Delaware law the creditor sought to reduce it to judgment in Michigan. The action was met with an i
  15. Well, I guess the DV is the reason they haven't served me, yet. They filed on 10-28-10.