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  1. can't ask now... due to the fact that escrow closed.... suing here i come... not sure on how much... can anyone advise if i can sue for the amount dif every month x 360 (# of loan payments) or is it a amount, lump sum, that would equal that amount after 360 months? also is it only 1k for the fair credit violation? (i think thats what its called)
  2. update... finally got the letter yesterday from the CRA that they deleted it from my account. What do i do now?
  3. i got a letter today from amex stating that the accoutn is not mine and to file a report with the CB
  4. at this point i'm def suing... by the time this all came around i was already in escrow and put a 10k deposit... not worth losing my deposit i got approved for a higher rate granted it was only .25%, but it did increase my payments. so at the very least i'm going to sue for my dif in rate plus violations... is there anything else? i'll file the police report today all your help is greatly appreciated and i'll def keep you guys posted so that this helps others in the future
  5. do i need to dispute it with all 3 when only 1 of them is reporting it?
  6. Hello, Not really sure on where to put this thread, if this is in the wrong category, admin/mod please move and accept my apology. So, I pulled my credit in march and everything was golden. I am house shopping and put a offer in and now my loan comp says "uh".. somethings weird here All of the sudden i am in collections for over 25k with amex.... that was not on my march credit report... i have never had a amex... i called amex and they asked for the account number which is on the credit pull... i give it to them... long story short... that account is not even under my name... they don't know why its under my name and asked for a copy to be sent to them to investigate (which i have).... just in case i put a fraud alert for all 3 bureus and experian gave me a copy of my credit report in which it shows a collection agency that is in charge of this case... i'm not really sure on what to do but there is a high probabilty that i won't get this house... or if i do ... i won't be able to get finacned at the rate that was given... is there anything else I can do? not sure if this helps but in none of my credit reports does it show a amex account being opened / payments etc any help is appreciated... also if i lose this house can i sue.... not sure if i have a case but... i'm really at a lose for words on how upset i am about this right now... thanks
  7. hello, i appreciate the reply's... it was an s-corp... i had no assets for I took the business over as is... equipment everything was already there as part of my lease agreement... can someone please explain if its a commercial debt with a personal guarantee how that it is not considered a personal debt if it effects my personal credit? I tried googleing it and i ended up just more confused... thanks
  8. hi guys... sorry for the delay... been hectic with moving and finding a job... just an update for ya.. the harrasing phone calls continued for about a month... with such comments as "agents will come and get you tomorrow" blah blah blah then just stopped... got a call today from another lady from "pre-legal" department from the same company supposedly... weird part is... first call came from boston... but she's from florida.. the type of loan i took was a credit card futures... basically they buy my credit card futures and get 15% of all credit card sales till the loan is paid off... high interest rate... but no terms... i'm debating on calling this lady back or not... what do you guys think?
  9. so she called again today... and threatened again to send "agents" tomorrow... she keeps changing the dates.. kinda strange.. and to get served doesn't she have to file in court already?
  10. yup... took the copy of the contract to my friend down the hall that's a lawyer... and he said that the personal guarantee only validates that i would try to hold my end of the contract... and since it clearly states that this is for "futures credit" that they don't really have a case... casue there isn't anywere in the contract that says i guarantee the money... and it clearly states that this is not a loan... etc...
  11. also do they did send the full contract... only a copy of part of the contract that was faxed to her... is she required to have a real copy of it all? rather then a fax copy?
  12. hi guys i'm back.. sorry went on a vaca with my lady... so in the last 2 weeks she has called me 4 times and left me voicemails... she sent me a letter and a copy of some of my contract... i reread the contract and it says at the bottom of the contract that the owners of the merchant "personally guarantee the performance of the convants made by Merchant in this agreement"... does that really mean i personally guarantee it? on top it clearly state "future receivables purchase agreement" all her voicemails are threatening.. .and the last one said i was suppose to be served today... which didn't happen... also its nassau asset management... i went to their website and can't find if they are legally allowed to collect in my state... what do you think I should do?
  13. if she does not return my call, should i call her again? is it better to try and do debt validation or just wait for court and do it via discovery?