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  1. I also found info from the State of Georgia Banking Dept as of 6-30-2009, they may not serve as a mortgage broker/lender. The Dept of Banking notified Dyck Oneal of a Cease and Desist order on that date banning them from being a mortgage broker/lender without the proper licenses. (I didn't see anything regarding collections.) Are they trying to collect the second mortgage? if that is the case, then maybe they are violating the act in your state of acting as a mortgage servicer/lender etc. I would check and review the paperwork to see if this is your case as well. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  2. The point is that there are laws that have to be followed - and no one is exempt from them.
  3. Hello - I am new to posting and sent letters to different OC's. I requested in the letter an investigation of the account. (It was originally with Long Beach Acceptance and now it is with Americredit.) The payments were too high and I stopped paying when it transferred to Americredit. The rate was almost 10% for the auto loan and I had about one more year left of the 6 year loan. At that time, the car continued to break down... Currently there was a deficiency caused by the resale of the repossession. They returned a letter stating that enclosed is what I requested. Americredit sent a copy of the finance agreement and the credit application (which was incomplete and incorrect info) I requested the payment history etc... So, in essence, Americredit responded quickly, yet they left out a lot of the info. Can someone please shed light on this such as expectations of paperwork to receive ie payment history and transactions? (This is my first response.) Thank you,
  4. I sent my round last week to 6 different CA's and they received it last week. Arrow Financial sent me a notice they will remove the debt from the credit bureaus
  5. Does anyone have any info regarding the practices of robo signers - incomplete paperwork etc and credit? I know it is fairly knew - w/r to being exposed, yet obviously all paperwork would not be a part of the file... Thanks,
  6. Has anyone had a situation where you served the oc or ca and they didn't appear? Or how about the credit bureaus?
  7. Recovering Attorney - Thank you for posting that. I am in Michigan and a Debt Collection Attorney used an address that I have never lived at. A default judgment occurred and a writ of non periodic garnishment of the bank account happened. The court "allows" 14 days from receipt, but if you never received service... The funny thing is that when this CA is filing with the wrong address, the OC is sending me statements at my real address - So it proves that the OC has the correct address and that the CA is just trying to garnish the bank account without cause. Anyway, I am also filing a complaint with my state's Consumer Protection against the law firm and the Office of Financial Regulation against the credit card company. 11-2010 Exp - 505 TU - 479 EQF - 467