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  1. I spanked Mimi during a case. She left the court pissed when it was dismissed against an OC.
  2. Goody is correct. I met a man who went to law school and moved back to Michigan, could not find a job. Most young attorneys are going to work for law mills in document prep making $14-$20/hr. Him and his father, who was a criminal attorney was telling me that the bar for entry into law school has dropped so much that new grads who pass the bar exam are making peanuts and will take any job offer that comes their way. There will always be an attorney who shows up. The majority of attorneys are now working for staffing companies or outsourcing firms on contract jobs.
  3. It took me 5-6 years to recover since I could not file bankruptcy given what I do for a living. From 2010 through 2013, I fought to rid myself of the mess my ex-wife put me in. As of last month my credit score was around 800. I had to wait for the bad, closed debts to fall off my credit report. Best of Luck.
  4. Harry, I would of waited until the JDB tries to argue their contract claim and use 2.113F then
  5. This case is over in your favor before it begins. MCR 2.113(F) - the Plaintiff needs to attach the agreement to the complaint. This case is so weak.
  6. Did you create your own affidavit when filing your answer denying the debt is yours? This idiot attorney already dug himself a big hole.
  7. Did they attach the assignment docs and affidavits to the complaint?
  8. Start by posting the complaint and your answer.
  9. @PRA_Foe Please have your son look at this website. https://stopmidlandfunding.com/
  10. the judge wont dismiss the case without you filing an MSJ for dismissal. At the same time, the judge cannot tell you how to do things, even though you are steps ahead most posters on here. You need to file an MSJ along with the evidence you already presented.
  11. The JDB never provides this information during discovery based upon electronic "Business Records" without redacting the information. One could challenge the document for it's trustworthiness due to the document being altered or a document made for the sole purpose of litigation, though it may not work. Without that information, the JDB cannot establish standing.
  12. You are absolutely correct. It is a game. A game of who makes the most errors. If one follows the rules, challenges everything properly....chances are they will dismiss. I had a $26k debt dismissed with prejudice against Chase Bank, an OC. Their attorneys made so many mistakes that they lost the case on their own and I had to show up once in court for mediation and the mediation panel tried to get my to admit it was my debt. All I said was, they are the Plaintiff, they need to prove their claims. I do not have to respond to anything. They said you are correct, Plaintiff, do you have any proof with you that he owes this debt? No, we have no documentation. Panel recommended award - $0. A couple months later - a call stating they would dismiss. I said yes, as long as it was with preejudice. A call back later that day - deal. If a plaintiff does not attach an affidavit to a complaint, a Defendant can create their own affidavit deny the claims and cause of action. You force the Plaintiff to the defensive since then they have to prove with evidence their causes of action. If that does not work, challenging standing will usually work. In Michigan, the Plaintiff has to provide the entire contract of the sale/assignment. The JDB attorney tries to argue it is not needed, but it is. If you ask for the Sales Agreement that is listed in the Bill of Sale or redacted, they will object only to state later on that they do not have it.
  13. It sounds like the judge wants them to produce the chain of assignment when asking for the signed contract. The Cavarly attorney is trying to catch you off guard or they are going through standard procedure for them.
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