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  1. I check my CR's online every 4 months. I have copies of my reports going back 15 years. While applying for a new apartment, I was informed I had to pay 2 months upfront due to negative on credit. I said "What are you talking about?" They said there was a bill for $698 outstanding. It was a medical bill. In May, I found that 5 year old medical bill (that was paid) still reporting on Equifax only. Disputed, was deleted. Checked Experian yesteday. Found collection for $10,090 backdated to 2010. Disputed immediately. Called Experian today, asked how this is possible? Experian said Collection Agency supplied the info and posted it there and Experian didnt question it. That their records show its been posted since 2010. That is impossible and I can prove it. They dont know I have 14 yrs of credit reports at home.... I NEVER got any bills or mail from collection agency or company that is saying I owe $10K. I lived in another state and was approved for an apt there no problems, and my new address was public record. A 10k collection for something I have not done, is going to ruin me. Should I wait to see if it gets deleted? Or should I begin legal proceedings? Please help