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  1. I just looked at the discovery that was sent to me by equable . It's dated 7/9/2013. Calvary shows to have this on July 1!!!
  2. Just to make things clear..I just checked my credit report for this account..It shows 30 days past due on 8/2009
  3. Its in California and yes its a borrowing state. My concern isnt so much if Calvary brings forth a lawsuit. I am confident I can defend myself.. Ive been successful defeating 3 of these lawsuits. Also SOL wasnt tolled. My concern is that they claim to have the account on July 1 2013, When I was still in the middle of a lawsuit with Equable for the same account. I would like to think that Eqauble might be in violation. "i think" will not be my defense. So I thank you for your input but it doesnt really address my concerns
  4. CCP 1785.26 states, 1785.26. (a) As used in this section: (1) "Creditor" includes an agent or assignee of a creditor, including an agent engaged in administering or collecting the creditor's accounts. (2) "Negative credit information" means information concerning the credit history of a consumer that, because of the consumer's past delinquencies, late or irregular payment history, insolvency, or any form of default, would reasonably be expected to affect adversely the consumer's ability to obtain or maintain credit. "Negative credit information" does not include information or credit
  5. Whats also interesting about this, is that on my credit report it states that this account was opened on 7/1/2013. I was still in the middle of a law suit with Equable Ascent and LRLO. My case was dismissed in October. How can they own the account if Im still in the middle of a law suit with another CA?
  6. we go again. One moth after I had a case dismissed by LRLO, Calvary is now reporting the account on my credit report. This is the second time I had this account dismissed with LRLO. I havent received any letters from Calvary. I thought they had to make contact before reporting on Credit Report? Any ideas?
  7. Thanks.. I already filed it. Do you have an example of a judgment for defendant I can use?
  8. Confusedmom, just to let you know these clowns are beatable. They are unorganized and many times get their facts confused with other cases. I just had a case dismissed by the same plaintiff and attorney. Keep on them, meet your dealines. I met and conferred twice for the BOP. They tried using the same line on me regarding BOP not applicable. For breach of contract it most definitely is. After they failed to respond to my second meet and confer letter I scheduled a motion to compel BOP. The day of the hearing, they dismissed the case! Respond to their discovery before the deadline.
  9. I just had my case dismissed. I've filed and served Memorandum of Costs. Waiting to see if Plainitff opposes the memorandum of costs. Until then I want to have a proposed judgment ready to go, to file with the court. JUD-100 is not the best form to use and have been denied that route in the past. Does anyone have any examples of a proposed judgment I can use?
  10. Thanks again for all your help Calawyer, and to all the others that have helped out as well, thank you.