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  1. Yeah I'd definitely suggest getting some sample fraud letters. There's an article about this on that might be helpful - really good information site. Hope that helps mate!
  2. Yeah I just read an article about them giving you fake scores. There's a lot of good (truthful) info on so hope that helps you out!
  3. Yes definitely let the police know as soon as possible. If you don't, there will be no proof that you took action.
  4. Thanks for the link, that's a great graphic.
  5. Seriously, what a lucky guy, I'd die to have that kind of job instead of mine right now.
  6. I can't remember the brands, but I lived in Australia for a year and got hooked on a few sweet - dessert style wines. Just try a couple Australian muscatos - amazing!
  7. Oh my gosh, that's disgusting beyond belief. Did they know what they were buying from him?!
  8. I'm with ya exactly on this!!
  9. Thanks for the posts, I was also wondering about that the other day
  10. JodyLive

    Word Game

    station wagon wagon ride
  11. you forgot to post the next topic Linda!
  12. Wow what a nice place, congratulations, you must be so happy. Wish you all the best with the move and settling into the new place
  13. Yeah he's getting close. What happens at 50? We just find a new kid to "run" the country?!