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  1. Is it possible to get an extension to answer (motion for summary judgment) and if so is there a civil court form that needs to be filled out? could not find on my civil court web site. I have until the 5th of May before judge makes a decision. :Also do I need to present at that date? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the responses, I will definitely work on the MSJ.
  3. 1. Received summons responded with answer to court and bottom feeders. 2. received discovery from feeders, Interrogatories etc, etc mailed in my discovery to feeders CMDR and requested defendants discovery in the same envelope. sent a copy (informing the courts I sent and requested the same) to the courts to have on file. 4. Did not do send follow up letter requesting my discovery ( the 30 day passing). 4- months have now passed 3. Received from feeders a Motion for judgment will be heard May 15. 2011. My Question? What takes precedence now that they filed for MFSJ Do I respond With a MFDocuments or reply back to the MFSJ. Thanks in advance.
  4. I would like to email an individual with some questions but don't want to disclose many details for all eyes as the other side could be looking in.
  5. If you believe your case is strong enough, perhaps you should consider appealing. With your DIB income, you should be able to avoid having to post a bond. For educational purposes HAVING TO POST A BOND?
  6. retrieved this from jason212 (this site) might want to read his thread. first of all gotta analyze the document itself. is it notarized? who signed it? when was it signed? then after you analyze that figure out if its a business record or if it was prepared in anticipation of the action. as per my local rules of civil procedure in order for a document to be accepted as a business record it has to be authenticated by someone (usually an officer of the assignor) who can swear to the genuineness, etc of the document. otherwise its hearsay and the court must reject it. secondly, the assignor must have rights to transfer the rights to the debt. which means for jdb1 to sell or assign the debt, jdb1 has to own the rights to the debt and must PROVE that it has ownership of all rights. which means sooner or later the OC will have to provide a document showing the assignment of debt to the jdb.
  7. Great thread, lots of info, more knowledge under my belt. looking forward to your next chapter. Way to go jackson212. "Congratulations" you deserve it.
  8. I've also been following your thread single dad James on the matter and also thought for sure they would not produce additional documentation. Sneaky ,Sneaky those bottom feeders. I wish you the best of luck.
  9. The lawyer realized this gal is going to put up a fight and he didn't want no part. Congratulations.
  10. I received three 1. Interrogatories 2. Admission 3. Production Is there certain steps when returning paper work back to plaintiff ? reason I ask : If I have not yet received discovery from plaintiff knowing what info they have is it wise to submit all three back to them. Also is one more important than the other when responding back? There was no affidavit (transfer of ownership) and no credit card # attached to any correspondence from plaintiff. Thanks
  11. Yea A friend of working for a Liquor Beer delivery warehouse - all employees who did not deliver on the road were allowed to drink all day long every day. Be fun for awhile.
  12. Thanks again Nascar for your assistance. I was like a new born before finding and learning from this site, I have been reading for 1 1/2 months and gained lot of knowledge from yourself and all the other good people here. I may not win my case but enjoying the ride. This site sure takes the fear of the unknown out of me & all others when it comes to courts and those bottom feeders . Knowledge is power. Thanks to all
  13. Hi to all ! Not sure how to respond to this 1 question regarding Interrogatories. 1. Please state with respect to each and every credit card agreement with bank of America A. The approximate date of credit card agreement; B. The approximate date you received your credit card: C. The account number for the credit cards: D. How often said credit cards were used: and E. When you received monthly statements Heads up! I received a summons with only $amount owed from Bank of America With no credit card Account # . also no mention of Acc. # in Interrogatories, admission, production of documents they sent me. Lawyers representing Midland LLC are asking me loads of questions basically to supply them with answers, shouldn't they have all this info? Thanks
  14. Thanks IFR / Nascar for that quick response. And love that toy. Single engine pilot myself.