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  1. Back in 2003 I had a falling out with Verizon Wireless, and I basically told them to F*** off, and refused to pay them. Boy was I stupid. Anyways, they posted the debt to my Credit Reports, and then gave the debt to Midland Credit Management. Both of those accounts on all three of my credit bureaus had a status of "this account is scheduled to continue on record until Dec 2011", and a balance of "$362". The date opened for the Verizon account was "12/2003", and the date opened for the Midland account was "03/2008". Both of those accounts are deleted from all of my reports. Yay me! Not so fast... In comes Jefferson Capital Systems. Date opened "06/2016". Balance: "$1,677.00". Scheduled to be on my credit report until March of 2020. Not only have they re-aged the date of first delinquency on a 13 YEAR OLD DEBT. They have exponentially increased the balance. The statute of limitations was up in 2010. Now, I want to sue these a$$holes. I don't just want to get this deleted. I want REVENGE. This was a blatant violation of the FDCPA and/or the FCRA. My question is this: How do I go about getting definitive evidence of this besides my old credit report print-offs? How do I go about getting the Date of First Delinquency from the Credit Bureau, the Original Creditor (Verizon), and this terrible excuse for a collection agency: Jefferson Capital Systems? Basically, how do I show a judge I caught them red-handed? Thanks, Nick
  2. Hello everyone! I have a negative account still on my Experian file from 02/2004. I'm pretty sure this is past the 7 years 180 days that they are allowed to keep it on my file. How should I go about contacting Experian? Is it best to send them a nasty-gram via usps, or can I call them and expect a good outcome? Also, can I sue them for this? Thanks!
  3. I have a letter from a collection agency, "Credit Protection Association LP", stating: "Mediacom informs us that payment has not been received. Unless you pay this account promptly, we will instruct Mediacom to report our experience ith you to the credit bureau." Then it goes on to say: "It is imperative that you promptly forward the past due balance directly to Mediacom." So... why would a CA want me to pay the OC directly? What the hell is this? Who do I DV? Should I cease & desist the CA? Thanks!
  4. I live in Iowa, and just had a law firm in California sue NCO Financial. I never had to appear in court once. BTW, I won.
  5. Interesting. I wonder if they have the CIA in their payroll....
  6. Yea, I tried to Goodwill letter, and they said no, because "then they'd have to do it for everyone". typical answer a parent would give their child.
  7. I don't believe so. The letter was sent by a consumer lawyer though.
  8. Just a quick update. I had sent a Cease and Desist letter to NCO Financial. Since that letter they mailed me a letter which on it stated "this is an attempt to collect a debt....yadayadayada" So they just broke the law and are now being sued by yours truly. Count I: Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Defendant violated §1692c© of the FDCPA by contacting Plaintiff in a continued effort to collect a debt after Plaintiff send Defendent a cease and desist demand in writing. Count II: Defendent violated the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Defendent violated the §1788.17 of the RFDCPA by continuously failing to comply with the statutory regulations contained within the FDCPA, 15 U.S.C. §1692 et seq. Statutory damages of $1,000 pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act I will also be requesting they remove any negative information from my Credit Files.
  9. I guess no one really understands what I'm asking. I don't care about the payment history. The accounts are listed as "Negative". If I'm current with the payments, at the time the TL is paid off in full, will it then be reported as "Positive"?
  10. The obvious reason would be one's a FAKO and ones a FICO... but I'm under the impression that they are both FAKO's. Here's the difference: Freecreditreport.com Experian [605] Equifax [545] TransUnion [548 ] Identityguard.com Experian [567] Equifax [539] TransUnion [600] So why are they so much different, when the credit reports are exactly the same, and pulled on the same day?
  11. I think it's a simple fact that my Credit Union didn't report it to Experian. But for all other loans they had. It is positive, and is positively helping my other two CRA scores. It is closed, and has been closed since 2004. But shows at least one year of positive payments on an auto loan. Should I contact by Credit Union and see if they'll add it to my Experian report? Or just leave it alone...?
  12. I was wondering, I have two student loans on my credit report currently open, not in default. They are being reported as negative because I have made several 30 day and 60 day late payments. On one the last time it was late was Jan 2010, and the other the last time I was late was June 2010. My question is, If these get paid in full lets say, in March. Will they automatically become a positive trade line, even though it would be closed? These two loans are costing me over 60 points on my credit score.
  13. I had a Best Buy CC back in 04', and It was closed due to non-payment. I was just recently approved for an Orchard Bank (HSBC) Credit Card. So that might be good news if I ever try to get another Best Buy CC.
  14. That's interesting, because I was just approved for an Orchard Bank Unsecured Credit Card. And I had a previous Best Buy Credit Card that I fubar'd back in 04'. I wonder if they still Blacklist?
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