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  1. identityguard is UNreliable at best. My Experience anyhow. Also, the quarterly credit report is NOT really a credit report. It merely gives you any info on new accounts and some changes that were made. Inaccurate. At least mine was.
  2. "look at these numbers and tell what evidence do you have that proves that the alleged debt is not the case of identity theft?" I don't think statistics would help much. What helped me was getting everything I could from the OC and with that proved the account was opened in a state I never lived in at an address I never lived at along with the fact that the payment attempts that were made on the account were from someone elses bank accounts. If you really think this is ID theft, you need to be hammering the OC for the relevant information.
  3. She verififed the account with my SSN# and told me it was mine based on the SSN# That is funny. Also total and complete BS! SS#'s are not sacred anymore and haven't been for a long time. I'm sure that telling consumer's that statement causes many of them to pay up though. SS doesn't verify ANYTHING. When this happened to me with 2 accounts, I demanded the OC to send me complete information on the addresses used to open the accounts. Tell her that identity theft is a reality and indeed exists outside of Lifetime TV.
  4. Portfolio used to do this but never said it was a sample. I have one from 2007. They followed that up 6 months later with a letter that said "we have received a judgment against you" asking me to pay $xxx.00 About 6 months after that they sent another " if we don't get payment we will sue you in court" letter. LOL. Wait, I thought you already did that. No case ever filed, no judgment ever entered. Nada I didn't know then that this was illegal but I sure do now. Nothing signed by Martha Kunkle but all in the same, they were bogus.
  5. I was able to have one dismissed with prejudice and am hoping they cannot appeal it.
  6. CA called me today too - one of our most beloved and perhaps the stupidest, after calling me twice the other day. I explained to him that I refuse to handle anything over the phone and to send the letter required within 5 days as I had never received anything from their office. Truth After everything I said, no matter how simple he answered with "so are you threatening me?' or "is that a threat". Completely made no sense. I didn't threaten anything, I merely told him that I refuse to keep asking for a dunning letter or any other letter from them. He also did not say "this is from a debt coll
  7. +100 RL I find it slightly ludicrous that the judge would think you would have an attorney write your documents but not want said attorney there in court with you.
  8. I am thoroughly impressed that you stuck with it even though you thought you were losing based on the admissions. I'm not in the middle of anything like this yet but the possibility exists.
  9. That means to send the DV to the CA who is now reporting it. You might find yourself doing this over an over.
  10. You also have to have the fraud alert removed via mail and you can get the form on the website and it tells you what forms of ID you can use. For the other 2 CRAs, just send a letter and use the same forms of ID. Be firm with them stating you never asked for a fraud alert and that it is causing you problems, remove it within x days. Of course, keep copies and make sure to follow up.
  11. wow kudos to you and thanks so much for taking the time to write all of that. I am certain it will benefit many.
  12. well, Experian has a habit of adding a FRAUD alert to some people's credit reports when items are disputed so that could be the case. I have heard this happening to several people on several forums. As they told me, if I disputed "not mine" they HAD to add the fraud alert which I later found is BS. If they put a fraud alert on your file, you will have to use ID to do anything. I would call them and ask what the deal is. Did you dispute items claiming they aren't yours?
  13. did you mail the letter? I always send certified mail with copies of two forms of ID. If they want DNA tell them to take it off the envelope you licked.
  14. and typically it flows like this: *dispute with CRAs *if it is verified, send DV letter to CA * send 623 to OC OR use the 1-2 punch. Send DV to CA, use CMRR. As soon as it shows delivered to CA, send dispute to CRA. CA is supposed to let CRA know you are disputing and until they validate with you, they are not supposed to "verify" with the CRA. If they verify with the CRA without sending you validation, then you have a violation. From what I am told anyhow.
  15. The original creditor does not have to validate the debt. What you send them is a 623 and ask them to INVESTIGATE, not validate. 623 means the section of the FCRA that it refers to so people call it a 623 letter. Here is a link with some info:
  16. go to your local courthouse if you are trying to find out by a particular OC in your area or a particular lawyer.
  17. I disagree that initiating arb means admitting to the debt. I filed JAMS on an account that is not mine and that I never opened. They refuse to take it off my credit report and told me they could/would sue me. After repeated letters to them, I decided it is not worth my time dealing with them one on one anymore. I doubt they will pay to get the ball rolling.
  18. Ignore the notices and don't even talk to them about it if it is out of SOL. I merely shove these into my file and don't bother with them unless they are calling me on the phone. Ignore
  19. DV letters go to collection agencies, not to creditors Then the CA must notify the CRA that you are disputing it.
  20. I agree. Deny for now. Do that first and worry about the agreement and what to do after that when the time comes. I think Z is counting on you waiting for their agreement to arrive.
  21. poking the lion? LOL No, they know you exist and in my personal opinion, they are more likely to sue those who don't dispute or DV them. If you don't respond to them or dispute they assume they have an easy fish and that you won't respond to a summons/complaint either which gives them an easy default judgment. They think you will ignore that just like their collection letters and your credit report. Depending on the $$ you may get sued no matter what you do. I am sure you will get other opinions on this.
  22. Personally I wouldn't worry about it. Do the collection companies even exist anymore? Was the OC purchased by someone else? When was the last time they reported to the CRA? If they haven't reported the tradelines in a few years, you might be better of leaving it alone. If you want to get a reaction, dispute them with the CRA but only do this if you truly want to get them off your credit report. If you can live with them on there just leave it alone. I don't know what SOL is in NY.
  23. that is where I start. Dispute not mine. wait and see what happens. You just want to have a record that that you disputed it. I do this by mail, send certified. I never dispute online anymore and there is a thread about that somewhere on this forum....I think it is here anyhow