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  1. If a judgment is on my report can it also be turned into a collection? Judgment was filed in 2007 and still on report. Now receiving letters from collection agencies. Who do you pay and is this legal?
  2. If you paid the collection accounts off, then you should dispute this information with the credit bureaus that are reporting this information. If you have documentation I would also include. Send the letter certified, and after several days go to the USPS website and use the numbers on the certified slip to track when they receive. Give the bureaus 30 days to respond.
  3. How do you go about vacating a judgment?
  4. If you dispute with the CRA's regarding your BK, and they send you a letter stating that the BK information has been verified. You then send a letter to the courthouse asking how they verify information about someone's BK. Their response will be that you have to come in person to verify and get information. They do not verify by correspondence just in person. Take the courts letter and send it to the CRA's, they the delete the entry.
  5. My client included a foreclosure in a Chpt. 7 BK. The bank that held the mortgage shows that is was in Chpt. 7 BK, but there is a judgment on report by the lender that bought the mortgage from the 1st lender after the BK was discharged. This lender that purchased the BK mortgage is now coming after my client and I wanted to know if there is any recourse.
  6. I agree, how do you have tax liens included in a BK. That's not possible.
  7. So all 3 CB's are showing an entry about the cars, it's just that 2 are the same and the 3rd isn't. Is this correct? I would get information on the one CB that is not reporting correctly.
  8. That site doesn't give you any detailed information, it doesn't even state anything about the FDCPA
  9. Section 809( of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does states the type of verification that is required. The statue requires that the debt collector obtain verification of the debt & mail it to the consumer. This information has to come directly from the original creditor. Mere itemization of what the debt collector has does not accomplish this purpose. You can request a copy of a statement from day one as to how they arrived at the balance, an also a copy of the original contract.
  10. If there is anything on your report that was included in the BK, then dispute this with whichever credit bureau is reporting this information. As far as employment information, you need to correct this information an indicate where you are currently employed. This is important in regards to fraudulent information. Oh, and don't forget to include your Bk discharge paper with the dispute letter.
  11. Call the medical provider that you were paying.
  12. Did they send along with the letter, an statement of some kind from the original creditor, stating how they arrived with the balance from day one? That is a big part of DV.
  13. Did you contact the car dealers and ask about the lates?
  14. Do you know for sure that the collection agency bought the debt or did the medical provider assign the account to them? The reason I ask, is if they are working for the medical provider, then you can call them and negotiate with them. Let me know.
  15. First you need to go to FTC website and download their identity theft or fraud affidavit. Complete it and keep the original in your records. You said you got a police report already, guard this report with your life--they are only kept at the police departments for about 5 years---after that you can't get another copy. I would write a dispute letter to the CB's that won't remove the information citing ID theft or fraud. Include copies of the affidavit, the police report, specifically identify the account and proof of identity. I would use the bare minimum for proof of identity, copy of SS card, copy of Drivers License & a copy of the utility bill with the address. Specifically demand that those accounts be blocked as required by 15 U.S.C.--1681c-2. Send this letter CMRR. Let me know what happens.