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  1. Interesting turn....I signed for a certified letter this afternoon from Zwicker. The letter contained a copy of a Motion for Dismissal with Prejudice that has been sent to the court as well as a statement claiming the account is paid in full and they consider the file closed. I'm trying not to get too excited until I fully understand what this means. What does the "with Prejudice" part mean for me? Is this it? Is this finally over after 9months or is there something else I need to do? I'm guessing the hearing Monday Jan 3 is a mute point and I have no reason to attend? They did report to th
  2. I will go to the hearing and see what happens. I already responded to the MSJ but I want to resolve this issue now and not pay what I do not owe and have a judgement on my credit report. I've worked too hard in the past 3 years just to let Zwicker ruin that. Thank you.
  3. Will I even be allowed to argue my point at a submission hearing? I thought the judge would only review the filed data and make a ruling and no oral arguement would be heard. Is that the case?
  4. In March 2010 I received a summons I was being sued by GE Money bank via Zwicker and Associates in Texas for $1700. I resonded to all court documents I was required. I had paid the debt in full by August 2010. I sent a certfied letter with proof of payment and a request the case be dropped. Months went by and I heard nothing until November 22nd 2010 when I received a Motion for Summary Judgement claiming the amount sought was $273.00 + court cost, attorneys fee and interest. I wanted this to end, so I paid it and sent Zwicker a certified letter with proof of payment and asked why I now owed m