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  1. I'm sure they will matter when trying to buy a home though. They look at all debt, and since isn't even his debt I'd like to take care of it. Thanks for your advice.
  2. That's good to know. Some of my debt falls off of my report in April, so my scores should improve. It's just those darned chargeoffs that I paid. I guess I shouldn't have settled.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm not sure what my next step is. Some background. My husband has some stuff on his record that isn't his. We disputed it all via transunion. We're still working on Experian, and the 3rd one "equifax" fixed it. Transunion deleted all but 3 items that we disputed. The 3 left are LVLN (2) of them for credit cards that he never opened, and the 3rd is chase bank. The chase bank sent us a form to fill out to either verify or admit the account was opened fraudently. I never filled it out because the form is questionable. Anyways, chanse wrote on transunion that "we" the bank and my
  4. I'm pretty sure if you pay the debt it does re-age. It's 7 years from the last activity, so if you pay the debt without some kind of assurance that it will be taken off you may end up waiting an additional 7 years.
  5. Thanks to all who replied, especially to bigwoody. Brokencredit, I think I did go to it once, and was a little shocked by how little I had to pay. Of course that was with one income. I applied with first premier (sp?), and was approved but they want a $45 upfront fee, and then they charge a yearly fee that's nearly the cards balance. I'm not sure if I want to be stuck with a card that has such high annual fees in the first place.
  6. Thanks. We're actually cougars though. I graduated from WASU. I just noticed I left out an important part. What I meant to add was with all these options is one better than the other in terms of your cr's? My credit isn't good but I don't need it getting worse. To make a long story short I settled all my credit cards without neg letters, and it dinged my credit bad. they never took off the chargeoffs, and yeah, everything just went downhill from there. Went for 610 to under 500 in a matter of months:( So anyway, I'm concerned for that reason. I just need to figure out the best course. I belie
  7. I don't think you signing with your birthdate means much. I'm assuming the financial aid cleark at your school signed the form to, and he or she would have put the date down. Additionally, the contract has to has a date typed in there somewhere. Student loans are much different than other debt. I just do not think you're going to be able to get out of it, especially if it's not a private loan.
  8. I'm new to the forum so hi everyone. Here is the background All loans are in good standing, nothings in default. I Haven’t had to pay them yet because I’ve been in school. Want to keep them in good standing obviously! I'm a brand new graduate from WA State. I graduated from a WA State university. Degree is in the social sciences. I majored in psychology with secondary in human development. Plan to do grad school, but want to pay down my loans first. All loans are government issued. More than half are subed and the rest unsubed. I have a small loan from the university I attended also. The to