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  1. 10 Things found in an attic .... 1. Old lace 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ______________ (This poster starts the next game)
  2. 10 Things found in a Greenhouse.... 1. Plants 2. Potting soil 3. Flowers 4. Plastic planting trays 5. Hoses 6 Fertilizer 7. Seeds 8. bugs (insects) 9. A hoe (times must be really hard) 10. Fan(s) (This poster starts the next game)
  3. No, in 3 monthy payments. Actually, I only have settled with one creditor. I have 2 offers, but need to negotiate. Then, the fly in the ointment, I have an account that is not willing to settle at all. I either have to become a person who actively fights back, or consider bankruptcy. Thanks for asking.
  4. 10 Things found in a Greenhouse.... 1. Plants 2. Potting soil 3. Flowers 4. Plastic planting trays 5. Hoses 6 7. 8. 9. 10. ______________ (This poster starts the next game)
  5. (taking that entryx2 liberty...) ________________________________________________________________ 10 Things found in a Swimming Pool.... 1. Water 2. Stairs 3. Air Mattress 4. People 5. Happy, laughing, shrieking-with-joy children 6 Hopefully, a saline filtration system (vs chlorine.) (hey- I'm Mom!) 7. 8. 9. 10. ______________ (This poster starts the next game)
  6. 10 Things found in a Swimming Pool.... 1. Water 2. Stairs 3. Air Mattress 4. People 5. Happy, laughing, shrieking-with-joy children 6 7. 8. 9. 10. ______________ (This poster starts the next game)
  7. Ray, I have a similar situation. I had 3 citi accounts (somehow- I think mergers over the years created 3 citis out of 2 citis and another card), and when default occurred, I got a very reasonable offer on 2 accounts, which I settled. The 3rd, it did not collect 200, it went to a CA before it even charged off (180 days, presumably.) When I settled 2, I asked about 3. Nope, gone. They were aware of it, but couldn't transact on it. I asked, do these ever come back to the OC? Not sure, but, said, probably not because the contract (OC and CA) is for a small percent of the CA's collection amount. Hope this helps.
  8. Original Creditor, or, Collection Agency? OCs can be fair about settling the case, at least, some of them can be, but never believe a CA (I read that here. Take it to heart!) Your letter from the OC should say, this is the settled amount, and a 1099c will be issued for the remainder of the balance. It should state that the debt will be reported to the CRAs as settled (for less than owed, or, settled, paid as agreed.) Record your conversations! They by golly shouldn't say they have your bank information already!! If it's the OC, do you have a banking account with them they can take money out of? Or were they referring to an account you used to pay monthly bills previously? They shouldn't have that information "already" when they talk settlement. You should set up a dedicated bank account at a bank you don't do business with, and put the cash in the day before it's due to be drawn, for that sum only. (If you set up a direct draw if you can't get them to accept mailed payment.) But first, is it the OC or a CA?
  9. Nala, welcome. It seems so daunting, doesn't it? I'm new as of a couple of months now and I have found so much great advice and discussion here. Greatest good wishes on your journey to freedom. OnTheWarPath, it's NefariousCap*i*tal*On*e, not Disc., but boy, I didn't know what being treated like cr** was until I started -not talking to- being talked at by their people. And getting the non-DV letter from their collections dept that had no mini-miranda and the clause that after the debt "settled", the balance would be subject to further collection! Oh, yes, call me naive! I'll go for that. Not. I am a decent, fair, mainly responsible person. This company just peeved me- I had no idea they were so wretched, but this experience opened my eyes. I so hear you. Skippy, until I hypothesized the situation I had trouble distancing feelings from it. Or realizing how my thoughts in some cases were more a response to emotion, rather than a rational response. I think I need to outline a strategy, too. Yup. This is what I began thinking after I posted the hypothetical. Just get methodical about it. Thanks, I needed that. jackson, pps has agreement, and this OC has an arb clause in agreement. Since they're such sharkish bu**w***s, I fear that I will have to wait and see what their strategy will be, and simply respond. No suits yet, had hoped there wouldn't be, but short of bankrupcy cutting off the potential right at this point, it seems reasonable there might be some on the horizon. The OC is totally unamenable to anything other than wiping the floor with a debtor, so the only available responses are to become very knowledgeable and methodical and wait for their move, or, bankrupcy. This OC makes bankruptcy look good. pps wanted to settle all accounts for very little $, and was having some success, until this and another account sent that plan into a tailspin. PPS, dear soul that she is, had no intention of ever becoming a debtor-warrior. But doesn't like being shoved into bankruptcy, either. What to do, what to do.... willingtocope, precisely, thanks for saying it, I don't have to dwell on the charge-off, and settling for less won't do me much good credit rating wise. I think I had the shock of dropping so fast into this, I have to get my bearings.
  10. 10 things found in a garage.... 1. Car 2. Tools 3. Snow Blower 4. Shelves 5. Motorcycle 6.overhead door opener 7. Gas can 8. Semi-used cans of paint, stain 9. 10. ______________ (This poster starts the next game)
  11. jackson, shouldn't that be automatic once they receive the validation letter from me? Do I really have to dispute with reporting agencies, wait for them to confirm, and then send the CA the letter?? I thought the CA had to report it without prompting? EDITED TO ADD: Read Debt Validation - The Ultimate Weapon Against the Collection Agencies again. Does the CA have to report it under their own name as a collection? Or is it the OC report that is marked disputed if the CA is collecting for the OC in some type of assignment (not sold to them, in other words?)
  12. I had this on Debt Validation, but I'll try it over here. CA working for OC. Citi. They sent dunning letter, I DV'd, no response. Received CMRRR receipt back a month ago. Credit report this week shows no dispute on this account. FDRCA violation on false and misleading? Or? I'm thinking of sending a letter noting the CRA listing, that I have so far received no validation from them, and the possibility of a lawsuit if the CRA listing is not corrected within 5 days. Pros? Cons?
  13. How do you access your reports from the 3 main companies when you are monitering for a dispute? I have pulled my one free report from each, but now how do I proceed? I need to check to see if a dispute with a CA will be updated to disputed. I looked into IdentityGuard, thinking they had daily updates, but they only update from the 3 bureaus every 3 months- isn't that a bit too long for monitoring? I am obviously missing the information I need to effectively keep track of these reports... help.
  14. OK, sent debt validation letter, well over a month ago, received green slip back several weeks ago, and no debt validation returned to me. Received mailed copy of my credit report today, no dispute listed on that account. How to handle the FDRCA violation? Send them a letter and remind them (FDRCA false and misleading section?), give them how many days to correct? Or might sue? C*i*t$i is the OC, I don't necessarily want to wake them up right now, but I want to preserve the violation for suit later.
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