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  1. She said she had been served and sent in a response saying "That it wasn't her intention to not pay, but had fallen ill and didn't have the funds." Something along those lines. I talked to her and she doesn't really want to spend any time to do anything about it or address it all in any way. I don't have the time nor expertise to deal with this, so I gave her the name of a pro bono laywer in the area that deals with issues like these (along with all of the helpful information I found here and other sites) and she didn't care for the information. You can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves. She is a grown woman and unfortunately I will have to let her deal (or not deal) with this all by herself. Thanks for all of your advice.
  2. Good to know the house is not in danger. I will try to get a look at the file and see what has been going on. Is there a window involved in responding to the motion? 30 days? 10 days? Is one even given time to respond?
  3. My mother got a Motion for Summary Judgement in the mail today, from an apparent lawsuit from Citibank (but I think its from a third party debt collector--not sure). I really don't even know how this case has been progressing because she hasn't been opening her mail etc due to being sick. I doubt she has responded to any of this stuff. I am trying to help her because it seems that this can have scary repercussions and she thinks just ignoring it will make it go away/somehow go in her favor and I know this is not the case. My questions are, if they have a judgement against her what can happen? Can they take her house or garnish her wages? She lives in Florida. I would like to help her send in some sort of response. Is it too late for that? I have no idea how to proceed. It seems this is very much at the end and it might be too late to help her. What, if anything, can be done at this point? I have read some stuff on here about Arbitration but is it too late for that? I see here in the letter that it says something about "Defendant has admitted the allegations contained in Plaintiff's Complaint, An admission in an answer binds the party and no proof is required." I hope she really did not admit it and that she just didn't respond? If she did admit it is there no hope for her? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.