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  1. As someone who was sued by them twice (over the same alleged debt, both were dismissed after sitting for a year after answer) and who is still autodialed by them every once in a while I find this positively hilarious - and just. They will probably be burning the midnight oil to make certain this gets in front of a judge who will drastically drop the amount they have to pay. Guess it is safe to say juries are not kind to the neighborhood JDB now are they? Would love to see it stick and see these scum suckers go the way of Midland Funding - out of business. Many may not be aware, Portfoli
  2. Well have yet to hear back from the scum suckers, not ready to celebrate as of yet but I figure if they had a chance in hell of being in receipt of documentation needed to prove their claim they would have validated the debt by now, they have sent me nothing. Maybe the additional short letter I sent with the DV notifying them that a "friend" of mine had dealt with companies like theirs in the past and was willing to help me should they act might play a role in whether or not they bother suing me. We'll see if another month roles by with no action, I won't be able to help celebrating then.
  3. To the OP. I was sued by Lloyd McDaniel as well, however it was not Calvary they were working with in my case, it was another JDB. In my case the idiots did send me discovery, a whole bunch of interrogatories and other discovery that would probably leave those with little knowledge of how to fight very intimidated. However it was all questions that had to do with stuff they should have been well aware of if they could prove their case, they were trying to fool me into making their case for them. With help from this site and elsewhere I was able to properly answer their discovery and even
  4. During the course of my research for my cases years ago I was pointed to a law that has been on the books in Kentucky since 1942, I believe it was someone on this site who pointed it out to me. There was debate over whether or not it would stand up against a JDB but it was one of many useful weapons/arguments I managed to compile. K.R.S, 371.050 states as follows : "Assignee to aver consideration - Amount recoverable. In any action or assignment of a writing, the consideration for the assignment shall be averred. The plaintiff shall recover no more than the consideration actually paid by h
  5. You seem to be worried about being sued by Portfolio. If this is a worst case scenario in your mind then you should consider the fact that the people suing you, Portfolio Recovery, is probably the bottom of the bottom feeders of all JDB's. They win a lot of cases when they file suit, but they almost are always default judgments, people don't answer their lawsuit. I was sued twice by them, both ended up being dismissed after 1 year of no action on their part after my answer. Want to know the real funny part, the idiots had two suits on file with the court over the same alleged debt, they we
  6. Been years since I have posted on the site but I have With the help of this site and other online aids I have managed to emerge unscathed after being sued 3 separate times, although I am counting one where I was sued by Portfolio for the same alleged debt, at the same time, they had two suits over the same debt at the same time. Very organized those Portfolio creeps. Anyway those two and a separate case was dismissed after it sat for a year with no action taken after my anwser. Also may have prevented another suit by DV'ing another JDB after that, never got a response from that
  7. Hopefully the OP did not carry through with any payments to Dynia, just do a search on the site here, the "law firm" is a garden variety bottom feeder JDB that can never prove anything and will usually run off at the first hint the person they are pursuing is not going to lay down for them.
  8. Well I know it doesn't mean it couldn't happen next month or next year even I suppose, but just as an update, I never recieved anything back from the lawyers who I sent off the DV letter to and have not had a suit filed (I check the court site weekly) so who knows maybe they decided to go after easier game. Especially with the alleged debt being only $800 they would stand to lose a signficant chunk on what they know now might not be your average default. I am sure they thought it would be an easy default when they sent it to the lawyers as I never once responded to their letters and they never
  9. Well according to this report it is none other than NCO Financial. Note that the link below is a complaint by a consumer claiming they have ripped them off for over $400 dollars and also put them at risk of having their electricity shut off. Whomever hired on these creeps to collect from the public, give information about citizens to these people, should be promptly fired, all that is needed to check these people out is a simple google search. What a joke if this claim is true, bad enough these creeps clog up the court system with cases they have no proof to win, but now some of our hopeless p
  10. I'd say it is time the lady who runs this site, I think her name is Kristy (might be wrong on that) gets a radio show and helps to right the bad advice given out by people like Dave Ramsey on the topic of JDB's and debt collectors. Just my opinion, there is a huge market out there for correct advice and information on the subjects, especially 3rd party collectors.
  11. Actually the caller tonight was saying he didn't know, and then he said he did recall having a Chase card (that was who was on the suit, a JDB trying to collect on the card most likely). The thing is the guy said the company had a judgement and the guy said he had never been served any papers, he knew his rights there. Ramsey responds by saying they can get a judgement without him being served. Total BS. Now I have heard that sometimes a judge will grant a judgment after a certain amount of time has passed with service being attempted, but then a judgement can be vacated with some work - bot
  12. Listen to the first hour of this guy's show while at work and have been very disappointed that this supposed "financial expert" is very poorly informed relative to JDB's and is giving his callers bad advice as a result. Would be interested in knowing if others who listen to his show has observed the same thing? He seems to always advise that the alleged debtor should try to settle with the JDB. Today when listening he even admitted the company probably has little information about the debt, the caller was claiming he knew little about the debt and was telling Ramsey this. He does advis
  13. Well after waiting for over a month, and after 3 phone calls over the past few weeks, I finally got the dismissal notice today. The suit was dismissed WITHOUT prejudice. Yeah, pretty surprised and disappointed to say the least.
  14. I wouldn't worry and just send them along to the plaintiff. In one of my cases, the plaintiff did not respond in time to my discovery requests. I then had to file for a motion to compel, they were then given an additional 20 to 30 days. They finally sent them back to me on the last day of the deadline. Unless you run into a judge that is biased in favor of the JDB's I doubt they would sanction you if you sent it along to them a couple days late, just make sure you are not late to respond to court motions or hearings. Again in my case the plaintiff was late in responding and it didn't rui
  15. As someone who has been targeted by, but who also beat Portfolio in court twice (well sorta "in court" ,they never took action past me filing the anwser,lol) I congratulate you. Way to go!!!! Now do like I did if they are still phoning you every once in a while or all the time, they called me up 3 days after i got the thing dismissed with prejudice (not official yet but the judge submitted it to be with) and I anwsered (which I never do) and after they went through their opening speal I asked them "will you sue me if I don't pay you for this alleged debt". I get "well that is an option but w