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  1. Wrong my friend. Please site a precedent, statute or federal court ruling that supports your statement. Something that says that once a debt has past your state's SOL that it is a violation for a collector to post it to your credit reports.. Because the FCRA gives them 7 years and 180 days.
  2. B.S. All of it. All they have to do validate the debt is tell you who the name of the party that is owed and how much is owed. They do this and they have provided legal validation at this point. That letter is full of empty threats. You would have to prove they are falsely representing the debt.. And how exactly are they falsely misrepresenting the debt? They have a legal right to report the tradeline on your credit report for 7 years and 180 days regardless of the fact that the SOL has expired. They can legally report the debt is owed. How much is owed, to whom, that it's an open collection,
  3. Excuse me? Please re-read my post and then explain to me what just exactly I said that was wrong and why. Nothing I said was wrong. This person has an outside of SOL debt in their state that they want deleted. The only way a collector will ever agree to delete a debt in this situation is for some kind of payment. They can't take her to court without violating the FDCPA and they can't win as long as she affirms a defense of the SOL. I never advocated sending "one cent" to them UNLESS they agree in writing to consider the debt satisfied and to remove all tradelines from her reports. That's the
  4. That's where wording the letter comes into play. This is the letter I would write if it were me.. Dear dirtbags, I do not believe this debt is mine. I not only dispute the validity of this debt, but I have also taken the time and checked with the state of Alabama's Attorney Generals office and verified that the Statute of Limitations for enforcing this debt through the courts in Alabama is limited to 3 years which has already expired. However, in the interest of saving myself a great deal of time and effort I am willing to pay a one time lump sum in the amount of $250 to settle this matter on
  5. Well, there are a couple of things with this.. First, It's probably not having much of an effect on your scores at all if it's this old. Probably less than 5-10 points in reality. Two, it will fall off on it's own this year. They only stay on your reports for 7 years (at most 7yrs 180 days) but typically they're removed at 7 years. They are not allowed to repost them either unless you do something foolish like make a payment.. something to reset the DFL and or the SOL. Three in New Jersey the Statute of limitations for them to take any kind of legal action against you is six years. Which means
  6. You can disagree but it doesn't change what is required for validation and what isn't.. and 99% of that letter isn't. All I'm saying is that stuff isn't necessary. And just because it made one collection leave you alone doesn't mean that the simple letters I wrote above wouldn't have done the same. When we first start this process we're ignorant of it.. so we send these cut and paste letters thinking that because they are full of legalize and demands that the CA will go "Oh no!" here's someone who knows they're rights so we better leave em alone or they might sue us or expose us.. When in rea
  7. All of that is completely worthless.. They are not required by law to provide you with any of that during validation. All they are required to provide is the amount of the debt and to whom it is owed. THAT'S IT! All of that other stuff you can only get through discovery process after you've been sued and are . Listing the FDCPA by section isn't going to make a bit of difference either. I did the same thing starting out though. I used to write the same kind of letters... correction... I used to cut and paste the same kind of letters. But ultimately..All you really need is this. Dear scumbag, I
  8. If you don't want to write letters and or dispute online etc.. you could pay the folks who sponsor this site and send you a pop up whenever you log in.. lexington law. Skyblue is another one that's the same. They basically charge you anywhere from $40 - $120 a month to write and stagger dispute letters.. It has worked for some.. it's certainly not worth it imo as I can write a letter just as good as anyone.. Here's an example. Dear Collector, I dispute this debt in it's entirety. Sincerely, Me There ya go.. Your first dispute letter and it's free no monthly fee
  9. Lol.. from the "ESTATE" not the "real estate"
  10. Texas Laws - Business and Commerce Code TITLE 1. UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE CHAPTER 9. SECURED TRANSACTIONS Sec. 9.616. EXPLANATION OF CALCULATION OF SURPLUS OR DEFICIENCY. (a) In this section: (1) "Explanation" means a writing that: (A) states the amount of the surplus or deficiency; ( provides an explanation in accordance with Subsection © of how the secured party calculated the surplus or deficiency; © states, if applicable, that future debits, credits, charges, including additional credit service charges or interest, rebates, and expenses may affect the amount of the surplus or deficiency; an
  11. Send a 623 Dispute to the OC. That will tell you everything you need to know.
  12. I wouldn't count on that or take it to the bank. I would get your ducks in a row. Record conversations with collectors if you take any calls. Keep all your mail. Send everything Certified with delivery confirmation. Start reading your states laws on civil proceedure. Figure out how far you are willing to take this thing.
  13. Thought you were banned? Guess the powers that be haven't gotten around to it yet.. You sir, are the genital herpes of this board. Everyone wants you gone, everyone hates when you show up, you irritate and annoy anything that comes in contact with you.. and just when we think you're gone..boom.. you flare back up again and start annoying us all over!. Wish there was some kind of cream that could make your old lying a$$ stay gone.