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  1. I am dealing with Nationwide, CA for Amex. They sent me a settlement agreement which lists the original balance & the settlement amount and says it is settled for that amount. It is on company letterhead. They claim that they can't put ANYTHING else on the letter because it is a form letter & that they don't report anything to the credit bureaus, only American Express does. Is any of this legit????
  2. I read through most it but I couldn't find any answer. I did a lot of research on Google, & it seems that people seem to say A. You have to be persistent. B. You have to dispute, dispute, dispute but eventually you will succeed. Does anyone here have any experience with this?
  3. My accounts are in collections. I have just started calling CA's to try to work out settlements. I am looking to settle for 20-30%. I have been successful with one account for 20%. But I noticed that some people have said 1) Never call collection agencies. I do but would never pay without an agreement in writing & 2) Always deal with the original creditor, not CA. Is this possible in my case? These accounts were charged off about 6 months ago. Any info would be greatly greatly greatly appreciated!!!
  4. Hi all, Long story short, I had some bad luck & got in over my head. I currently have 4 credit cards in collections. However, after reading one of stickies above, I noticed this statement "NEVER talk to a CA on the phone. NEVER deal with the CA, if you can avoid it. Always try to deal with the OC." My account are all with CA. I have talked to them on the phone as I am trying to negotiate settlements. Is this the wrong tactic? Should I still be trying to go settle with the original creditor?
  5. I'm a newbie, but I would very calmly call them up & offer $400 for deletion & if they say no try debt validation. But again, I'm new.
  6. I have read a bunch of places that a non signed agreement was no good. It is valid? What do you think about the whole "settled" vs. "settled in full" thing? If I don't get "settled in full" can't they just sell the balance to another collection agency?
  7. They did send me an agreement, but it 1) Wasn't signed. 2) Didn't include the language "settled in full." Just "settled." & 3) It didn't say anything about how they would report or not report to the credit agencies. Asking for these things were a deal breaker. I asked him "How can I be sure that you aren't going to sell the remaining balance to a collection agency?" His reply? "You just have to trust me."
  8. Is it worth the time trying or should I just accept them & build new, good credit going forward? Do you they need to have some paperwork to prove the charge off? Anybody had any success getting charge offs removed?
  9. I just called & before I could even state my offer they said they could do $3000 spread out over 12 months. I said I can do 2 payments of 950, one now and one is 30 days. He said he had to check with the 'client' & that number was low, but he would get back to me on Monday. Is that a good sign that they will eventually take 2 payments of $950?
  10. They refused to sign the agreement or even write "settled in full." They said they couldn't do it. I said it wasn't worth my while then.
  11. Also there was no signature on this agreement. It needs a signature...right?
  12. I got one creditor to agree to a settlement today. It was a tense conversation and they were trying to pressure me to give them my bank information before they gave me anything in writing. I was firm and said I needed a written agreement & don't want to give them my bank account information. He tried to tell me that they already had my bank account information. (Is this true? Is this a violation) Anyway, the agreement that they faxed me simply says "be advised that this agency and (creditors name) agree to settle the above referenced account for $350." Thats it. No "settled in full." Nothing about reporting to the credit agencies, etc... What do I need to make them include in the settlement agreement in order to cover my behind?? Any help would be so so greatly appreciated!! Thank you for all the helpful people here.
  13. Amount is about $6000. I have offered to settle via fax @ $1900. No response. Should I call them?
  14. Yes, I believe so. So would that argument not work in NYS? Do they need to show that I signed the agreement to pay? What are some other things that I could possibly challenge them on?