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  1. Quick overview: Collection for $130 on my CR dated 8/2010. CA is in New Hampshire, I received services in MA, and I currently live in TX. Still in SOL for both states. I left the job who I had insurance through at the time last year. There has been no recent effort to collect the debt. I don't know where to start. - Do I first contact the insurance company? Will they even help me since I don't have coverage with them anymore? I don't have any invoices or EOB or original coverage documents. I don't know if the service was billed wrong or just not covered. - I'm not sure who the OC is because it was lab work that was sent out from my doctor's office. Do I send a letter to the CA for this information? Who can tell me who actually owns the debt? - I've heard conflicting things on PFD. This site says it's good, even for under $500, but the forums say they will not waste the time reviewing a contract necessary for PFD for a small amount. My thoughts are: - Write a letter to the CA asking who gave them the account. - Call/write the OC once the information is obtained. Ask if they have assigned or sold the debt, and if I can pay them directly. - If it has been sold or the OC will not take payment, request proof from OC that CA is authorized to collect and mail the CA a PFD for the full amount. - If the CA will not accept PFD, pay the full amount anyway, as a Paid TL is better than an Unpaid TL. Or will this re-age and make things worse? I have had success in the past with paying OC and disputing CA Paid TL a couple years later, though I'm not keen on waiting a couple years. Anything I have wrong/am missing? Thanks in advance.
  2. I would say pay it off in full to avoid interest charges. Then buy something else and pay that off, etc. If your goal is to obtain a higher credit limit, my understanding (from personal experience only, so someone correct me if I'm wrong) is that what they give you will be dependent on your payment history with this particular card (always on time) and your current credit rating. Since you say this credit card is new, I would give it some time to build a solid history with it, and then either request a limit increase, or they may just give you one. I say this based on two of my own experiences: When I was 18 and first began obtaining credit cards I always paid on time and they started increasing my balances without me requesting. I requested a limit increase recently on a card that I had opened in November 2009. Even though I had never paid late on it in the year+ that I had had it, as well as only having one 30 day late across 4 credit cards I have open, I was denied. When they sent me the letter in the mail explaining why, the reasons listed were that I had delinquencies which were severe and too recent. The delinquency they were referring to was a student loan that I hadn't received statements for and went 6 months overdue. The payments were caught up in February, and my request was in July so they were still impacting me pretty badly. Hope this helps.
  3. Did I post this in the wrong forum? Not be clear in what I was asking? Ask a dumb question? Or am I just impatient?
  4. In case anyone is discouraged by this thread, I just wanted to add my personal success story. I recently disputed a collection I had paid about 3 years ago online with 1 of the Big 3. (I know you're never supposed to dispute online but I figured I'd try before going all out in mail form) It was deleted just before the 30 day mark. It was a collection agency collecting for a cell phone company, and when I paid it, I paid the cell phone company directly. I figured if anything, I would dispute that I had never paid the collection agency, which was true, and they wouldn't be able to validate it. I'm currently waiting on my dispute with the other CRA who has that account listed. I hadn't filed it until after I received notice of my success.
  5. This seems like a really novice question, so I apologize if it's already been addressed. Any direction to where I can find this information would be much appreciated. I was recently reading the thread "Should I dispute Everything at once, or only a few to completion?" when I came across this post: Now, I've been a member of the boards for about nine months now. I've never seen this mentioned on either the main creditinfocenter website or in any of the forum stickies for newbies. I did a search and haven't been able to find anything either. From what I've read on the dispute sections on the CRA websites, they say you can update your current address by providing a DL or utility bill copy. Will they remove old address or employment information? If so, how should this be approached? Just state that you would like this information removed? Dispute it as inaccurate? Is there any sort of legislation, case law, or other that requires them to remove it? Again, sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere. Thank you in advance.
  6. This is happening on my Mac and my desktop PC which runs Windows 7. I can search and see older posts in this forum, but cannot browse through it. Other forums are working fine.
  7. I have some Direct Loans that went into repayment in July 2010. I had moved since they were opened and never received statements. January 31, 2011 I got my credit report and saw that they were past due. I applied all of my tax return and have been reported current as of February. I also have private loans that I have been been paying on time since July. My address was updated with my school, leading me to the assumption that my address for the Direct Loans would also be updated. I accept full responsibility for not being more proactive in making sure I received my statements, but since this is very recent I don't want to have to look forward to this bringing my credit down for 7 more years. Do I have any chance at all here?