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  1. Funny thing just happened. I received a $140 check from Santander with a note stating that I "may" have been accidentally overcharged on processing fees, so they are refunding the amounts in question. BTW, if you go class action let me know because I want to be a member of that class.
  2. Yes, they can remove it. If they say they can't, they are lying. Mention to them that lying is a violation of FDCPA and if they remove the record then you won't sue them for the violation.
  3. OK, slow down. Take a breath. You have a great defense with the SOL. Pursue that as your main defense. Yes, they can charge interest. Your state should have a maximum listed somewhere in its statutes. As part of your discovery you want to ask for a detailed calculation of the amounts they are claiming. They can't report because you are > 7 years past when you went delinquent. If they do report, then you have them on a FCRA violation. If they think you owe money, they can try to sue. It has nothing to do with the BBB filing.
  4. Update - there were 2 records from the same CA that I had disputed. I just got the letter from Experian with one coming back as updated (matched the updates to my on-line report with the DOFD getting reset) and the other got removed. Seriously...
  5. Northland Group. Already checked their license in AZ and they are current.
  6. Just for fun I gave them a call this morning, with the recorder running. I was hoping for at least one "we'll sue you". I got a rep that was very cool and she played by the book. They had a lot of info too. They had the date the account was opened and the DOFD (Jan 2005) but they only had my current address (did not have the addresses where I lived when the alleged account was opened and when it went into default) and they didn't have anything with my signature (I asked specifically). I then asked if she realized they were trying to collect something that was outside of the SOL. I said that even if this was mine, and I have serious doubts that it is based on the information you have provided, it is so far outside of the SOL that you can't do anything to collect it anyway. She then wanted to transfer me to a supervisor. I said no need, there is nothing here so I don't need to talk to anyone else. This was the single moment where she stared to lose her composure a little and said "fine, then we will just report back to the OC that you are not willing to cooperate." I said "excuse me, what was that?" hoping to get her going a little more, but she hung up. What do you think? Play a little and DV it or just let it go? This is a CA that is working for the OC.
  7. Must be something in the air. Yesterday I received a notice from what appears to be a JDB regarding a CC with one of the home improvement centers. They are claiming a $500 balance and are offering a 1 time settlement of $125. If this is in fact related to a card that I once had (and paid), we are talking about a 10 year old debt. Ah well, time to dig up one of my ESAD letters and make a trip to the post office.
  8. IMHO Santander is just barely above a JDB. I had to deal with them on the last couple years of my auto loan. Even when I had an autopay scheduled in their system for my due date, I could just about guarantee calls from them starting at 8AM looking for their payment. They also reported me 30 days late when I wasn't. Don't let them get away with anything. If they did a hard pull, then nail them for it.
  9. Oh ye of little faith. It worked for me. Reporting is considered to be a collection activity so if they report an uncollectable debt that is a FCRA violation.
  10. They did that with one of mine. The CA updated the DOFD to the current date. I love it when they do that.
  11. ^^^THIS^^^ I'm going for a home loan right now and something on my TU report is showing in dispute. It was something I disputed over a year ago. Loan officer said I need to get that dispute removed. Interesting that when I pull my 3 bureau report through Experian it does not show as disputed.
  12. And a good sample letter to get you started is here - Sample Letter 20 - Sample Letter to a Collection Agency Stop Reporting Zombie Debt