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  1. USA - that was my approach. I denied in my letter of oweing the debt but I stated to expedite resolving the issue, I will pay xxx amount to have this not appear on my credit. Weeks prior I had them validate the debt and they sent me 3 months worth of statements. I got my free annual credit report just now and they have added the entry to my credit report (I am pissed about that).
  2. TomnTex, what was the verbiage you used in your settlement offer. Was it similar to the verbiage I used, and did you have any problems with them staying true to what was written? Should I call and get them to confirm the letter written by me on date, is the agreement that will be reflected as paid in full? I don't have a clue what to do now.
  3. WOW - I was actually thinking I had done something by getting the letter stating they will accept the offer and that it will be considered paid in full. What are my options at this point - because I am now totally lost.
  4. I sent a settlement letter to a JDB to settle a debt for 15% of the balance and they agreed to it. I just want to run their response by the forum to ensure I am not backing myself in a corner because I know they are not to be trusted: Here's the verbiage that was in my settlement letter: I sent them a letter asking for the settlement offer to be "payment in full" and that they do not place the item on my credit report, or, if the item has been placed on my credit report, that it to be removed from all three major credit agencies permanently. I also stated that the account be considered 100% settled and that the account can not be sold or transferred. I got a response from them agreeing to the offer with the following language: JDB has agreed to accept less than the full balance as payment-in-full regarding the referenced account. Upon clearance of this payment your file will be updated as Paid in Full and JDB will request their trade line be removed from your credit file. Do you guys see this being a good settlement agreement and that if I pay them and they do not remove this item, the letter they sent me will be enough evidence for the CA to remove the item from my credit report? I had them validate the debt and they sent me monthly statements, which I know will be enough evidence to stand up in court (I am still within the SOL). I just want to be done with this but I want to make sure it is removed from my credit.
  5. Coltfan, please elaborate or explain what you mean by "the JDB will have to document every penny".
  6. OK you guys.....I am really trying to figure out how to deal with this. I called the OC today and played stupid, I told them I fell behind on some bills years ago and that I am now in a position to pay the debt. The young lady gave me the amount of the debt. She then stated that the debt was sold LHR and that I needed to contact them. (I recorded the call with the OC). The amount she stated I owe differs from the amount on the document sent to me from the CA. Is this type of discrepancy allowed by law. I know the law is rather vague and that they only need to send basic information but I have been looking at Texas Statute trying to find any kind of loop hole. Any help is much appreciated.
  7. What about them sending me the OC name but having the address reflect their address. That seems a little odd to me. I am probably going to break down and pay them, but when I send the letter to settle the account, do I still deny ownership of the debt?
  8. I sent a validation to a collection agency and got a response back from them which consisted of 3 months of statements. In my validation letter to them, I requested that they send me several things: proof they own the debt Payment History Name and Address of the Original Creditor and so on....... I kept extensive documentation on this account because I am the one who requested to have the account closed. I still have each of the statements they sent me. What I find interesting is the following: The balance that is shown on the last statement received differs from what the CA is suggesting I owe. It's only about $60 bucks, but shouldn't it match up with what the OC say I owe. The FDCRA states they have to send the original creditor address, however on the document they sent me in their validation response, shows the OC name but it shows the CA address. Do I have any grounds to fight back or them sending me the statements for 3 months validate the account and would stand up in a court of law?
  9. Well LHR validated the debt by sending me a copy of a credit card statement. In my letter to them, I requested they confirm they own the debt and all that good stuff, but the only thing I got was the credit card statement. I have read on him by some, that they are only obligated to send you minor informatin by law - is that accurate? What has been some of your experiences when face with this situation - did you pay them? I did not contact the OC because my CR shows a $0 Balance and shows charge off. It does not show transferred but the $0 balance is a tell tale sign because previously there entry showed a balance. My biggest concern again is to not have to show up on my credit report.
  10. Thanks Willingtocope Let me clarify: what I meant was, do you know of an actual court case (citation) where the courts found in the consumers favor for not providing accurate information to prove they own the debt?
  11. Willingtocope, Do you know of a case that is a good precedent to my situation. When you stated in your previous response that what they send is not enough to stand up in court, how is that possible if they send something showing the name of the OC, Address and Amount? Are yous stating they don't provide adequate data to support those 3 things?
  12. willingtocope, I stand corrected, on MY FICO credit score, the balance from the OC does show a $0 balance but it does not show transferred. If the JDB does send some bogus document to prove they validated the debt, is my hands tied at that point or can I resubmit a letter to them questioning the validity of their documents? I have been reading court cases on validating debt, and their is no consistency on how the courts are ruling on this matter. Please confirm my understanding of this: are the CA or JDB only mandated by law to send the name of the OC, Address and the amount owed?
  13. Willingtocope, for clarification on my last post, MY FICO credit report shows the OC does not show the account as being SOLD or TRANSFERRED and the TL still shows a balance.
  14. I purchased my credit report from MY FICO on 12/15 and the account in question does not show as "transferred or sold" by the OC. Would this be a violation of the Fair Credit Act whereby the JDB company has sent me information stating the account is purchased but my credit report is not reflecting that?
  15. I totally agree - I do not want to pay a dime to a JDB - but if they do send documentation on their ownership of the debt, what leverage do I have at that point? Do I still dispute the ownership of the debt while paying it just to make it go away? I think I have seen example letters on the site for paying the debt while still disputing the validity of it. I have never been in this situation because typically my accounts have been beyond the SOL. I have cleaned up everything on my credit but this one account. I am kicking myself for not reaching out to the OC prior to them selling it to a JDB.
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