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  1. The only reason I gave the BK suggestion is if the OP has no job, no money and really was not up to fighting this, then the BK route was the easiest. But yes, their are many other ways to go about this, just depends on the effort they want to expend. Normally, I am up to fighting them tooth and nail and take no prisoners.
  2. re you in county court or district court because of the amount?
  3. Sometimes, mine did. But normally they stay on for seven to seven and a half years before falling off.
  4. NEVER pay a dime on it or promise to do so or you could reset the SOLO and be sued.
  5. Most likely you will get a default judgment against you if your not careful and it may be by sewer service.
  6. Go here and check out all the links on repo: http://whychat.5u.com/
  7. Good links TR, maybe you should post them in the Texas thread. Would be nice to have.
  8. Go here to find the closest NACA attorney for a free consult (normally) http://www.consumeradvocates.org/they can advise you.
  9. Not the way ABC News presented it. They said all collectors can call.
  10. If I heard it right, ABC news reported tonight, that it just went through Congress that, the debt collectors can NOW call your home phone, or cell phone by ROBO calling you. The only thing illegal is if they try and THREANTEN you. We need more research on it, but here it is, be aware.
  11. Sounds like they may have sued you in the wrong venue. You may be able to turn that around for a bit before they re-file in the right county.
  12. Had they dunned you and you then sent them the DV? OR, did you just DV them out of the blue? If so, that was a bad mistake as you woke them up.
  13. Good luck and congrats.
  14. Do not pay them a dime or agree to a settlement. You could restart the SOL. The long it's on your CR the less damage it will do after a couple of years. Only if your buy a house or something major will it hurt you. Mine fell off after seven years, but yes, the can go 7.5.
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