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  1. ok got it! so after i get back letters from disputing personal info wait 30 days to send the dispute letters out. in the same situation with dealing with tons of issues...this economy turned my whole life upside down like most everyone. thanks again!
  2. oh wait...i hope you read this before you reply...i see where you told me how to write the first letter!!! SO SORRY!!! so my question now is, after i dispute my personal info, i guess i wait 30-45 days for them to reply to this first, then i look to see if anything has come off. after that i send the next dispute letter. just making sure so i do not make a mistake. thanks again!!!!!!
  3. You are AWESOME!! thank you so much! i appreciate all your help! i have a long road ahead of me...including praying that my home doesnt get foreclosed on before i can figure something out. I keep getting stumped on the first part which is clearing up my name, addresses etc since there are several wrong names and old addresses on my report. Do the cra's just get this when i put my correct name and current address at the top of my first dispute letter or do i have to acutally say in the letter...please correct my name and delete all incorrect name and old addresses??? sorry for all the questions, i just want to get it right the first time. again, thank you so much! as soon as i understand this first part that keeps hanging me up on personal info im sitting down to write the letter!
  4. WOW oneobserver...i appreciate you so so much. i had no idea i was suppose to do this first. i am going to be helping people with their credit though so i have to have some sort of good news within 30 to 45 days. can i write this letter along with a dispute letter or do i HAVE to do this first? and if i do this first, will some bad items fall off and up the score some? do i write the letter the exact way your have it written out and just fill in the blank? this is the first i have heard about this so I APPRECIATE you! i did look on my credit report and see all of the different names...my name with my maiden then my married, one with the wrong middle initial. also. the only work place on there should be my current work place? do i dispute the prior work places? i am even more confused now because i thought the first thing i did was just start by writting the credit beaureaus and dispute everything except for everything still in SOL. now i know i need to start by opting out then getting all the info you stated above taken care of first. i appreciate any other information as to what my next step is so that i do all of this correct the first time!!!!
  5. I found this forum and have been reading and reading for days!!! I have to say that i am totally overwhelmed! I am a hands on kind of person and it is all just so much to take in. I know of course the first thing to do is to pull my credit with all 3 bureaus then opt out. After that i am totally confused as to whom i send my first letters to. I believe if i am correct that i start with the 3 credit bureaus. when i write my first attempt letter, do i include all negative accounts on my credit report? i have read and read about SOLS and i have about 4 to 6 months to go on all of these accounts so i am not sure if i add these to the first letter to the credit bureaus or just let these be. From what i have read, my gut instinct is to just let them be then start fighting them once they are out of SOL but again, im not sure where to send my first letter to Credit Bureau(CBA) or CA or OC. I know that once i get going on this it will come easier but i am just up in the air as to how to start out. I so wish someone had a step by step list on what to start with and how to deal with each negative mark. I am sure there is something on here but i havent come across it yet. I did find a chart that was great but im still up in the air as to what to do. WISH i could find where someone took a fake credit report and showed step by step what to do and what letters to write!! this would help me TONS!!! Thanks to anyone who can help me out!!!