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  1. I had declared Bankruptcy 6 years ago, so I have been working hard to rebuild my credit! I just got a new lease so I had the inquiry from the dealeship and from Nissan, I also had an inquiry from the SBA for a loan with this Covid-19 but my credit dropped 28 points??? No idea why I took such a hard hit? Any suggestions how to help repair this I only have two credit cards with very low balances??? Thank You Elaine
  2. I do not have a personal account at the bank. They sent the letter to the bank on 4/26/12 I just checked the balance I do not hear anything being held. From what I have read the bank was to put it on hold till the court awarded it to the other party? I am hoping that they weren't able to touch the business account. My daughter use to have an account at this bank she was only 17 so my name was put on her account with her, but she closed this account a couple of months ago. I'm not sure if thats why this bank was on the list of banks that they tried to levy.
  3. I have a judgement against me from Capital One, can they put a levy on my business account if it's an LLC and I have an EIN number. On the letter from the Sherifffs office the suit was against me personally not the business. It was a personal credit card not a business card.
  4. I just got a letter from the Sheriff's office, they are looking for any accounts in my name to levy, to settle a judgement from Capital Bank against me. My quiestion is can they levy my business account it's an LLC and I have an EIN number?
  5. I have a quiestion I just received a letter from the sheriffs office about putting a levy on my bank account. I don't have a personal account with any of the banks they listed but my business account is in one of the banks. The judgement is against me personally, my business is a LLC...can they go into my business account? The letter is addressed to me personally and had nothing to do with my business it was a debt for a personal credit card???
  6. I tried looking for the section in Bankruptcy, for correct reporting? I'm not sure if I'm searching for it correctly. Can you instruct me as to exactly where to go? Thank you again!!! Elaine
  7. Thank you I will...I am so glad I found this site. It's become the silver lining to this whole horrible ordeal!
  8. Thanks for the advice....do you think a short sale might be better then a foreclosure or will it not make a difference because I have to do the bankruptcy?
  9. I feel my credit is ruined either way...but do I try for a short-sale or just wait and file Bankruptcy?
  10. Sorry, yes it is inevitable I file bankruptcy due to excessive credit card expenses. Spoke with a bankruptcy atty awhile ago told me to stop paying, couldn't stay on top of payments. About 3 years ago I had to buy my ex out of my house, I got a sub-prime predatory loan, tried to negotiate a modification but no sucess. So now I wait for the sheriff sale, I would be filing for a chapter 7, I guess after reading your description of both. thanks Elaine.
  11. I just found this site, hoping to get some advice...I am in Foreclosure haven't received a sheriff sale to date. Unfortunately I am going to have to file for bankruptcy also. Should I try a short sale, or would it not make a difference since my credit will be in the toilet? I am trying to buy some time since my daughter is a Senior in High School, I need her to complete this year. From what I've been reading the Bankruptcy will halt the foreclosure but for how long? Thanks, Elaine