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  1. Does anyone know if I could ask the courts to find this way with prejudice? Just asking if this is something that could be done...
  2. In OR, UTCR 13.120. The rate is $125.per hour, $500. is the required amount. This in addition to the file fee of $139.00.
  3. Not sure what you mean when you say pay the fee. I did pay $ file and $500. for the arbitration. Just wondering if any of that would be paid for by the plaintiff.
  4. To bad about your case.... I did pay all court cost up front. $139 for filing and $500 for arbitration... We were present, Attn. for Midland via phone.... Just received in mail today Arbitration Award. Judgement in favor of me and cost to defendant in the sum of $197.00. So is now the time to request memorandum of costs?
  5. OK, In Jan 2011, Midland Funding, suing me for Chase CC debt. Live in OR, mandatory arb. Hearing 6/24/11, no proof of ownership. Arbitrator, gave plaintiff 15 days still have not heard. Left vm for Arbitrator heard nothing. Received notice from court stating pending dismal if not contacted by the 15th of Aug. Need to know what to do now. Should I request a dismal based on that there was no proof of debt. Also how do I request that court cost, $139. for answering complaint and $500 for arbitration.
  6. Had a Arbitrator give plaintiff 10 days to get a correct bill of sale with acct # and name of defendant on it.. Yes this legal? I thought that during a hearing that info is to be there....
  7. Hey just wondering if anyone has ever received any Bill of Sale with the needed info
  8. Hey All, Anyone have any ideas on how to defend the answers received from Midland Funding, re answers to Admissions.... Question Admit Plaintiff purchases defaulted debts for small percentage of the original balances. Answer Objection as the amount of consideration paid by plaintiff for the account is irrelevant, and not reasonably calculated to the discovery of admissible evidence. Request for Production. The alleged credit application from Chase Bank USA, N.A./WAMU bearing the Defendant's signature. Response: On information and belief the signed application is no longer available. Ok if that is the response, how can there even be a case??? I am at a lost.. Can anyone offer any opinion.
  9. Just wondering if it would be a bad idea to include in productions Admit or Deny Midland has been involved in a class action suite and settled in Feb.2011 for not following rules?
  10. Hey Everyone, Just wondering if I have to have a Notary sign my answers for admissions and productions request? If I state under the penalties for perjury, that the foregoing answers are true and correct and complete, is that enough? Thanks this site has been sooooo helpful..