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  1. I have received mail communications from them noting that I owed around $1300 and that they wanted to settle it from anywhere betweeen $450 to $600. It is for an old HSBC card that I had paid off three years ago (or so I thought I did). But my credit report showed a balance of 290 dollars and showed it was sold and account was closed back in 2008. So here comes this other company who started contacting me via mail over a year ago. Each time they contact me, the settlement amount goes down some more. The kicker here is that they do not appear anywhere on my credit reports. This year is the first time in my life my score has been over 600 since college and I plan on keeping it that way. I do not want this collections to hit my credit report. So my question is, how do I know if it will or not, and should I go ahead and pay it. Unfortunately, I do not have proof that I paid HSBC (bad record keeping habits back then). What should I do?