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  1. I need to answer interrogatories. They sent me a diskette such as ones mostly computers don't even have a drive to read anymore and so I'm expected to use this but I can't and anyway I have an Apple Computer. I was thinking there was an exception that if you didn't have access you would not have to use the diskette. Or when sending mine to them that I don't have to send them a "most commonly used" aka Windows diskette when I don't have that kind of computer. I can't find anything that talks about this but I could swear I saw it once before. Does anybody know - how can they make you use a d
  2. I went from having a default judgment against me by Midland Funding to getting it reversed. They were FUMING MAD, they withdrew the cute little female attorney who was flirting with the judge and put in slick shyster number 1 who eventually screwed himself by filing for sanctions against me for failing to answer discovery. Thing is - I had answered, and being the novice I was I filed the answers with the court the same time I sent them to the attorneys which i now knows is not supposed to be done until later on. So, it being obvious to me and to the court (although the court didn't seem
  3. Thoughts rough really but how come you responded with a letter? I've never heard of that before but then there's a lot most of us haven't heard of. Did they specify it was to be in letter form? I had a default judgment against me and i filed a bunch of documents, a Motion to Set Aside and Statement of Facts in support of. So I'm unfamiliar with anything else. They fought me VERY HARD against me getting it overturned but thankfully was succesful. What did you put in your letters? Theirs says you hadn't filed anything sufficient to whatever, I forget the words. Which could mean the wa
  4. It's not like the Judge is on the bench drunk or sexually harassing people in the courtroom. I love this, you weren't there and you KNOW what the judge was or wasn't doing. Incredible.
  5. I don't need to and don't want to hear this again. Its DONE so everyone can stop with the panic button. I really resent the inference that I don't and didn't know what I was doing. Like I said before, people like you are the reason corruption exists. You turn and look away and say it was an assistant who screwed up. The tape didn't lie. You may be one of the ones telling me I better $tFU last year. Telling someone the wrong court date (if he had been a judge worth his pay he would have sent documented orders but he never did orders - keeping it verbal means no paper trail) so that they
  6. I had good evidence against not just him but the attorney. Didn't do any good because the process is "we protect our own". Its a done deal. No repercussions for me. That's why this country is in the shape its in, everybody is just "i better keep my mouth shut - don't rock the boat". Which is why a good percentage of the reps on capitol hill are worthless, less than worthless HARMFUL. I learned from filing the grievance. I learned its a waste of time overall but I was true to me and thats what counts. Its a little late to warn me because its done over a year ago. Since then I've adv
  7. I appreciate your concern - however its not as though you are doing something illegal. I too feel there are "eyes" but for the most part I just decided its not going to rule my everyday world - my concern about their watching. If things keep going the way they are there may come a day when I realize things have escalated and I'll have to reconsider then. I asked because I was wondering what court you are going to if it is one I'm familiar with, not to be nosy. But like I said, I can appreciate your reluctance.
  8. It says served personally. In Missouri that means (according to requirement) handing it to me or someone in my household over 15). That isn't what happened but its common practice. I've been sued twice and both times return of service said personally served and both times it was left on my door. They use alternate process servers who all appear to me based on my observations and others I've read - to be scuzzy low-lifes. I don't care if its their job, it shouldn't be an accepted part of the job to lie.
  9. i like MS Word thanks for the tips on getting it. As for grievance against the judge - I'd still do it again. He gave me the wrong court date and I got a default judgment on account of it. The behavior in that courtroom, I have since learned from talking with a Washington state attorney who is familiar with the company who sued me as they are nationwide. He does class actions. So he's familiar from networking with other attorneys. The behavior he described matched mine incredibly. The judge is a figurehead. The company takes control and the judge does their bidding. He is their voic
  10. That was fun, after no sleep for 2 days I was up all night again trying to get my Answer done which shouldn't take long except I have a real POS word processing program that I couldn't figure out how to turn off automatic paragraph numbers or change line spacing so I had to copy stuff that was double or single and then get rid of that and type in what I wanted and each new paragraph you have to turn off numbers and then when you hit return it starts numbering again.' You know, we really work at a disadvantage. On top of everything else I'm sure not many of us have access to office equipment
  11. Is that not shooting yourself in the foot then? Because suppose they don't come up with the contract, no big deal right because you already admitted there was one. Isn't this playing right into their hands? One less thing they have to prove. One of those robo affidavits that the judge in ohio were 100 percent legal and okeedokee (yeah right) ought to tie up the lose ends for them or a lot of them. That decision is still being appealed, the one in Ohio Midland v Brent. I know someone working on it and he and others will more than likely be appealing. I think somebody got a nice little pr
  12. Isn't it better to put in every reasonable defense - because you can't go back and add it later - if it doesn't work, no big deal? Or is there a problem with that I'm not aware of?
  13. Without reading the entire thread - what city are you in - or which court? Wondering who the judge is?
  14. Kramer & Frank do tons of collection work for Midland Funding and Capital One so you might want to add them to your list of attorneys. They are in Kansas City MO. Nice lists.
  15. I'm fairly new here - I thought I answered you but didn't see it so answered again then (duh) I found that I already did answer as i thought (so guess I'm not losing it) So you can disregard this as duplicate info don't know how to delete it or if I can. There is a section at the site I referenced that is for Money Problems and Debt Collection and its broken out by the amount you are being sued for. So if you select which ever applies and then the next step it will tell you, its broken down by each step. Tells you how to prepare for trial is one step and that's probably where you need to l