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  1. OC is Citibank. It's not on my credit report and Midland just put date opened as 6/08. There's no other date. Should I contact Citibank to find out the dates? How does Midland react to arbitration requests?
  2. JDB = Midland Linda- never mentioned arbitration. Not at all familiar with how that works in the dv process. I thought that was only in response to litigation?
  3. I have no idea. The original account is not on my credit report. I don't know when it went in to default, anything. As I said it doesn't ring a bell at all. Without the OC on my report, how do I get the info if JDB won't provide info?
  4. Sounds like they want me to provide the info they should have. The amount the show does not match anything on my CR and the OC is not on my CR either. OC does not ring a bell at all!
  5. This letter is being sent to you in response your dunning letter claiming you have an account in my name. Since I do not recall or have any record of having an account with xxx Bank, I am requesting you verify this claim of account. Be advised that this is a notice sent pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 ( that your claim of account listed is not recognized and verification is requested.
  6. So received intial dunning letter from JDB. DV sent and just received their reply. "The purpose of this letter is to advise you that you did not provide sufficient information to investigate your dispute of the above referenced account. sent general disputed letter In order to investigate your dispute, we need detailed information to identify the basis of your dispute, including a complete explanation of your dispute. Further, we need a copy of any documentation you may have to support your dispute. In the interim, we have requested that the three major credit bureas change the status of this
  7. No, I have NEVER received anything in writing at all from the JDB. I received one dunning letter from an attorney/collection agency. I dv'd both of them twice, nothing. I disputed with the CRA's once. Do I dispute again with the CRA's or the JDB? Both Experian and TransUnion verified it. Not reported to Equifax - never was. Here's the whole background. OC is GE Capital (never heard of, never had an account with them). Was trying to buy a house in summer of 2009 - this account showed up on my CR and hubby had to single finance house. Pulled CR and found LVNV Funding bought the account 1/2008.
  8. So I have been battling a JDB since December 2010 for an unkown account they claim is mine. This is the 4th JDB in the chain of ownership - NONE can validate it. They first contacted me via phone in Nov 2010, finally sent a dunning letter 1 month later. Filed immediate dispute with them on 12/18/2010, no answer, 2nd dispute letter sent one month later 1/24/2011, no answer. Credit report from Jan 2011 showed: Collection Account Date opened 11/1/2010 Account status: open Payment status: collection account DOES NOT SHOW CONSUMER DISPUTES! Feb 2011 report shows Collection account Date Opened 11/18
  9. Thanks Hal I did finally send a letter to the CEO and their Ethics counsel, they received it yesterday. I also included a copy of my VA Certification of VA Disability for service-connected disability with 100% rating for unemployability. Awaiting their answer. I have applied for SSDI, denied twice. They won't use the VA ratings or VA records, it's a real pain. Looking into getting an attorney for it.
  10. It was within the 30 days, they went away for about 8 months, no calls, letters or anything, then began again hot and heavy. I have all the signed receipts for delivery of all the letters, so I don't think they have a leg to stand on.
  11. I tried them at the top tier for about 8 months, wasted about $70 a month and NOTHING was removed from any report at all. I would do it yourself, reasearch, read and keep immaculate records and notes.
  12. Is Atlantic Credit the original creditor or did they purchase the charge-off debt from the OC?
  13. I did file a comlaint with the FTC and Michigan Attorney Generals Office a few weeks ago. I am meeting with an FDCPA bullog attorneyFriday who said he had been "waiting to get a chance to take them on!" Can't wait!! Plus it's now 26 calls.