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  1. just wanted to let you guys know that i wrote up my answer to the summons and my request and documentation and submitted it in...the clerk said " honey, you did a good job, make sure you show up and everything should be fine" but with that i consulted a classmate/friend who works at the New York Bar Association as a secretary, i told her about my situation and she told me to call in, talk to the Representative, give my information about the case. after i did that a supervisor (dont want to give his name) came on the phone and listened to my story, he was really pissed about it because he said hears about this all the time and has a strong dislike for this "so-called firm" i faxed him my summons and answer...this happened last week and he has called me 3 times since then to get more info. i have also sent a letter to rubin & rothman, LLc letting them know that i am in constant contact with the NY Bar Assc. and told them about all the info i have sent to them.... my court date is very soon and i will keep everyone posted....wish me luck!!!!
  2. thank you for the link, it was very helpful. the collection agency is called Rubin & Rothman. LLC. i've done my reseach and see that they are the lowest of the lows and completely wipe people out and freeze your accounts...i really can't afford this to happen to me, so anymore advice would be well appreciated.
  3. Thank you for all your great advice!! I really appreciate it, But I have one more question...should I attached a letter stating that they called me harrassing me for months, telling me that they are "going to empty my bank account and my dumb a$$ wouldnt be able to get that degree, it would just be a waste of time" even after a called to ask them for a signed agreement and statements? I'm just asking because i feel like my side of the story will not get told.
  4. I believe that its civil court. I was also told the same thing about denying the claim from a friend because theses collection agencies never have proper proof of their claim. When you talk about having a defense, what would that consists of?
  5. hello all, Yesterday my mom received a summons for me that was taped to the door. its a summons for small claims court in NYC from capital one stating that i owe them "1,051$ from 2/22/10 at the rate of 9.00% per annum and the cost and disbursements of this action" mind you, i am a 24 year-old full time student, part time worker who pays rent and other bills, i cannot afford this nor can i afford a lawyer. Plus, i don't even know how the amount became so high because my limit was 250$ and why i have to pay 9% per annum. I definitely am going to court to fight this but first i am going to answer the complaint with a letter stating that i did make the payments but it was not the amount that the wanted and started to bill me for late fees also that they never suspended the payment protection plan in which i told then to do because it felt like it was not needed, but i wanted to know if i ask the attorneys of the plaintiff for proof of the original excessive charges, the original contract and other documention which i know they will not have, am i able to get the case dismissed? Thank you for the much needed advice