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  1. does the point of over the statue give a good reason to consider not being reported accurate
  2. we have client with collection that that is unlawful to begin with since the client never agreed or ordered the service and its over the statue (after 3 years on oral) however we asked collection company to simply get off and remove their reporting it seems that they acknowledged that this is uncollectable but they refused to remove only if client pays something and agrees to settle..... My Q: Is they allowed to report when it’s uncollectable? I understand once statue has past it could still stay for up to 7 years but when it’s in error and shouldn’t be there in first place could we force them to remove it
  3. i had a short sale done but they still claim me for the difference ... how do i go by it and how do i go about the credit report
  4. Appear in court on the date, and deny the debt belongs to you. LVNV has to provide evidence that the debt belongs to you. Did you answer the complaint in writing to the court? Send a certified letter to the court stating that you are not familiar with this debt and that it does not belong to you. That is what I would do.
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