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  1. Does it matter? This might be a dumb question but I'm curious. I tend to almost always pay in full and I don't know if either of those options will impact my credit score in different fashions. Anyone?
  2. I began my repair journey last year and cleaned a lot off of my CR's. In the process I obtained 3 CC's in 2011. Capital One- Started w/ 300 limit, increased to 500 4/5 mos later. This card has been opened since April 2011 never a late payment. Chase- Opened in August 2011 w/ a 1,000.00 limit. Never had a late payment. Bank of America- Opened in November 2011 w/ a 1,500 limit. Never had a late payment. Once my payments post for Cap1 and Chase I will have zero balance owed on those cards as I have never carried a balance longer than 2 mos. My BOA card has a new balance that will be paid in full next month when the statement cuts. When and how should I go about seeking CLI's? Back in August of 2011 I was added as a joint owner of a mortgage which has raised my scores big time. I'm not so much concerned with having the CLI's so I can go buy a bunch of stuff but so it increases my scores. Any feed back will be appreciated, thanks in advance!
  3. I have a new CC w/ a new 1K limit and I'm trying to rebuild credit. So far so good but I'm looking to get higher limit cards. Anyways, I bought a new TV and the card has around 800 balance on it my question is: Do I pay it in full when the statement comes (I can do that no problem) or should I pay a portion and they pay it off monthly? I don't know what will benefit me the most and that is why I am asking. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!!
  4. In regards to HSBC, should I still send a 623? Also are there any good templates I could use? With the second one, I never got a PAM from them they were just deleted. If I bring that to the CA's attention is it possible they can report it to the other 2 so it shows on all 3 as opposed to deleting? I want to weigh my risks first. Thanks!
  5. I have spent the last year cleaning up derogatories on my CR's and I have come quite a long way. When I started I had 5-6 derog's on all 3 CB's, today I am down to 1 on TU, 2 on EX, and 1 on EQ. I'm looking for some advice on the following: 1) An HSBC charge off. I paid the collections agency a settlement in March which boosted the hell outta my credit score. I want to try and get HSBC to delete this. I haven't gotten anywhere however, I applied and was approved online and I never signed an application and the acct was opened in 2007 I doubt they have any records. What should I do here? They are reporting derogatory on EQ and EX. 2) I paid a collections agency Professional Acct Mgmt in Milwaukee WI 92 back in Feb and they deleted from TU and EX but continue to report derog on EQ, I doubt they even have my "file" on record anymore, any advice? I am off today so I can easily prepare w/e letter I need to send out certified mail today. So any quick advice would be great, thanks!
  6. Have her call and asky why they aren't. In theory it makes no sense that they aren't reporting.
  7. Thanks. That is very odd that your wife's cap 1 CC is not on her CR's. They report to all 3 CB's for me.
  8. I started the repair process in Feb of this year and have cleaned up a lot! The only nagging items left are a charge off CC (hsbc) that was paid in full but still shows a charge off on my CR's and a closed CC that was paid but still showing the late payments. After trying hard I've given up on trying to get those removed as they have always been "verified" by the CB's. Anyways I have opened some CC's: Target Store Card: I've had it since 2007. I never use it since it's a low 300 limit but I should just leave it be since it's my oldest right? Cap1: Started w/ a 300 limit which was upped to 500 last month. I hardly use it but when I do it's paid in full on time each statement period. HSBC/Best Buy: I have a crappy 300 limit and I only use it if I'm buying something at best buy. Other than that I hate it but i've had it since March and I don't think I should close it so it shows paid each month on my CR's. Chase: I use this card for gas purchases each month (70-90) and pay in full. This is my largest limit at 1,000 and the newest card I have issued in June. Von Maur: a dept store card i've had since 07 that I never use, once in a blue moon I might buy a dress tie from there and use the card but i haven't used the card in 2 yrs. Do I need to change my approach? Ultimately I want better cards w/ larger limits and don't know if I should be utilizing all of my cards and paying in full each month, or just keep doing as I have been. I don't want to apply for more cards because I have too many inquiries. I'm looking for the best advice and realistic timetable for doing this successfully. I'd appreciate any advice and input!
  9. I basically told him I have no idea what he is talking about and that if I owe them money that he should send me something in the mail. I take it I can pretty much ignore this since it's passed the statute of limitations and nothing appears on my CR's right?
  10. Some Indian man called me today from Plaza Associates saying they are collecting a debt from 2001. I have no idea about this, he says it's from Capital One but I just recently opened a CC through them and have never had any late payments or issues. This debt does not show up on my CR's and I really don't want this to show up because I have no idea what the hell it is. Should I worry? How do I proceed? Can this show up on my CR's? Please advise!
  11. I have an HSBC CC that is reported as paid on TU but charged off, but the other two are showing derogatory 0 balance. HSBC recently approved me for a small CC and I was wondering if I should send them a good will to see if they will delete this tradeline from my CR's. Also, am I correct that they shouldn't be reporting it as derogatory and rather as closed/paid since it was paid to a CA in March? The CA already deleted themselves from my CR's after I paid them. I'm looking to improve my reports and scores and figured I'd ask before I did it. Any feedback would be appreciated!
  12. Is it possible that I have grounds for legal action?
  13. I've done this already. Protocol called me (after they signed for my letter that I sent them and LVNV) and the "manager" sounded nervous and told me it would be taken care of and it's because of an error on LVNV's computer systems (btw LVNV is who shows on my CR's not Protocol) Obviously there is nothing that will be done, since this should have been corrected a while ago. I"m really at witts end here...
  14. I work in banking so I can help answer some of this. Unfortunately, the liens that the creditor has on your acct will stay there either until something happens in court or until they get their money. The only monies that cannot be touched are social security and ssi (i'm not sure if pensions also count). None the less, the acct will end up closed out if it just stays at the negative amt due to the lien. The bank will charge you fees if they allow transactions to post onto the acct after the lien is put on which will end up being charged off and reported to the bureaus if that happens.
  15. I couldn't even tell you when I last dealt w/ the OC probably back in 09 or 08, the OC was deleted off of my reports after I paid this fiasco off to the scumbag collectors in March. LVNV has been nothing but problems, all over 300.00. I really want to pursue them and the 2 credit agencies TU and Equifax since they never sent me anything after disputing with them. The verbage from letter that I have from the collections agency states: " Thank you for your payment on XXXX account on 3/17/11.... FAST FORWARD.... "If this account is being reported to the three major consumer reporting agencies a request to update the tradeline to "account paid in full for less than full balance will be submitted during the next reporting cycle". One thing I gathered from business law classes in (in regards to civil tort) college is duty, breach, causation... I had the duty to pay, they breached the agreement by not updating the acct and in fact downgrading the acct (it never showed a 120 day late before I paid this) and obviously they are causing derogatory marks on my credit. What do you say?
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