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  1. We have been adding/removing authorized users that are customers of Boost My Score for the past year. The account is 9yrs old, never been late, and is constantly kept at 10% utilization. Nontheless we just learned that they closed the account. Has anyone else ever heard of this? It was our understanding that this is perfectly legal, and Citi never suggested it could affect the standing of my account. Three questions: 1) I am doubtful but do you think I have any recourse for reinstatement? 2) How much do you think my score will drop just by that closure? 3) Would adding a replacement account now immediately help or hurt my score? We are getting a new car at the end of this month.
  2. Hey All, So my wife helped out her mom back in 2009 by co-signing for a home repair loan with Sears/Citibank (windows). Her mother since lost her house and had to short-sale. Needless to say the loan went into default. Last wee my wife rec'd papers that Citibank is suing her. We are in TX. So here are my questions: 1) Doesn't CitiBank have to try to collect or sue the primary applicant first? 2) I don't suppose providing evidence that the house was a short sale would help? 3) The papers didn't show a contract that had my wife's signature on it. Not sure if that means they don't have it but it just wasn't included. Instead lots of requests for us to confirm or deny statements like: "you signed a contract for x account #" etc. 4) Finally, we have Pre-Paid Legal. Should we let them handle or try to go it alone? Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  3. So I'm wondering if I should dispute a voluntary surrender with BMW Financial. It was done in 1/10. Is there a risk of them pursuing judgement or does this happen a fraction of the time? I have seen posts where some have disputed a repo within a year and they came off so I'm wondering if I should include in my disputes...
  4. Interesting persperctive, thanks for the feedback! Any other thoughts?
  5. I clarified my original post. I'm talking about disputing multiple TL's with a CRA. If I write Experian should I put all 10 TL's I'm disputing or do I need to break them up? Of course breaking them up means more certified letters but if it makes a real difference I suppose its worth it.
  6. Does it make a difference having sevaral disputes on a single letter to a Credit Bureau? For example 10 disputes on one letter or would it be better to break it down into maybe 3 per certified letter to the CRA... I'm inclined to think it doesn't matter as they simply key in the dispute but wanted to make sure.
  7. Thanks. By the way it was that I used not I guess the stupid commercials got in my head. Anyhow, I requested reports from and it only gave me one of them. The other two said I cannot get them online at that time for some reason. My question is if I can send certified letters to the CRA's without having bought a current credit report? And if so, how do I identify myself in the letter so they know who I am. Do I just provide name and TL account info? Or do I include Social as well?
  8. Hey all, Its been so long since I've been here I had to create a new account! I need to dispute and clean up a few TL's I see on the big 3 via Truecredit subscription. I tried to order all 3 via a few months ago and only one was served up. The others said they cannot be provided via internet for some reason. So I never began disputing. But I really need to get started so my question is: Can I begin writing the bureaus via certified letter disputing them based upon what I see in Truecredit? If so, how do I identify myself in the letter? Do I list my social etc. I know if I wanted to dispute online I would need a report number so I would need to have obtained a copy either free annual or purchased - but I'm hoping I can begin disputing without this... I suppose if I must order copies I will. Even though I keep paying Truecredit - and yes I know the scores are fakos but the deltas and overall reporting are ultimately true and can be a good basis to start from no?