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  1. Thank you all for your input; it has been a lesson indeed. I have inform this guy several times in the past that $50 is all I can afford at this time and that going bankrupt was the only other solution but that hasn't seemed to effect his determination at all.
  2. No, they never offered anything in writing but I did. I offered the payment plan and the collector accepted the terms but not in writing just verbal and with an indication in an email. He said in an email that his client would not take anymore legal action as long as they were receiving monthly payments. However he also stated in the same email that the payment would have to be more than $50 each month. I have been making these $50 payments every month for the past 3 years.
  3. Yes, I'm getting the picture... and that's really how I feel a lot of the time.
  4. Wow! I was really under the impression that when you are making a payment every 30 days that they couldn't legally bother me; but apparently that is not true by what you are saying here. Am I understanding you correctly that they can still pursue me even tho I am making monthly payments?
  5. This is a great thought, I was thinking something along these lines but was afraid to say it.
  6. Thank you Prosay! I take it that what he is doing is highly unethical and against the law based on your response to my question. I did keep a lot of the emails that he sent me, and I can make copies copies of them. :0)
  7. I hope you can help me with this situation. About 3 years ago I was sued by a finance company for the remainder of debt after my car was repossessed and auctioned off. I agreed to make payments of $50.00 per month to the collector that was hired by the finance company (I'm only assuming they hired him because I make my checks out to the finance company and not his company). Like clockwork, I make my payment every thirty days. Here is the problem; every 2 or three payments I make, I keep getting an email from this collector guy that states we need to meet. I know he's just fishing for assets or