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  1. Hi, I just received the same from the same collections and from HSBC. I have two questions. I wasn't home this paper was handed to my 15 year old, with this said I never got the papers on my hands, do I have to go to court? I went into the miami-dade site and I can't find the case number, in the State of Florida all records are public, I went into all the recorded documents and I can't find this called summons. I'm unemployed have been since September of last year, I can't pay back I can barely make it with my 3 kids, what options do I have? This paper seems fake altough very well done and I honestly dislike the scare tacticof using a court paper when is not, can someone help? thank you all. My main question is since my son got it and he is 15, let's say he never hand it to me, therefore I never show up to court because it wasn't given to me, will this be something I can later use if by magic it happens to be true? I think this paper should of never been handed to a 15 year old minor.