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  1. To All that answered this post--Thank you very much! I will have this taken care of by the end of this month. A lot of family stuff going on and I could not get back on till now. Thank you Again!
  2. No matter what I have tried, the clipboard will not allow me to copy my topic here without retyping it completely. Below someone was kind enough to paste what I wrote into their reply !! Or Please see attachment. Thank you very much. California Debt Collection Case Dismissed w.docx
  3. After sending me a settlement agreement for the same offer which I declined because the agreement would not have allowed for costs, I showed for court and Plaintiff stated they will dismiss with prejudice regardless--the exact same offer I would have had. I didn't have to sign a deal with the devil. But I am still in the court room as we speak. One court personnel said it wasn't dismissed yet--even though the lawyer went up to another court worker and stated he is dismissing the case. I will NOT be leavng the courtroom until this case is dismissed in front of the judge. 9:11 a.m. It's D
  4. After sending me a settlement agreement for the same offer which I declined because the agreement would not have allowed for costs, I showed for court and Plaintiff asked to Dismiss with prejudice--the exact same offer I would have had. I didn't have to sign a deal with the devil.
  5. Update: They emailed me the first page and I never signed the deal or got back to their paralegal. F them. I'm so over this case. These JDBs are so revolting. I am ready for War on Monday. The reason it shouldn't be signed is it's a deal with a parasite. It's a deal with the Devil essentially. I make no promises to pieces of garbage. These parasites--buy the debt for little money, they pull all their bad, faulty procedures out and get away with all sorts of nonsense--just because people don't know the law. They took up 2 years of my life when I had important other things to be ha
  6. I have never been offered a settlement for a debt lawsuit against me. I will ask for the missing page and read it, because I think it is probably an oversight on their part as that is all they do all day long—robo-sign this garbage and mass produce these correspondences left and right, so I am assuming they probably forgot to attach the first page. I’m not worried about that so much. However, should I just say pay my Memorandum of Costs and I'll sign it, or should I just show up in 3 days to trial and take a chance? Trial is always a chance right? I feel unsettled about signing an “agreem
  7. I was prepared to go to trial in 3 days and today by courier, I received a letter of settlement that the entire case will be dropped against me via filing a dismissal of the entire action with prejudice from the Plaintiff IF I SIGN their AGREEMENT. I am NOT a lawyer, and I don't want to sign a document they gave me when I can't be sure what it holds me or them to. For one, a whole page is missing from the agreement. Section 1 & 2 are not there and it skips immediately to # 3. Also, I see at a quick glance that I will have to eat the $ 700.00 I spent fighting this case and it was a lot o
  8. LOL-Anon Amos and Sedragon. Yes this was my freak-out--thank you very much. I received my CCP 96 Answer today it stated witnesses as: 1. Me 2. Most Knowledgeable UNIFUND repersentinve address in OHIO given 3. Most Knowledgeable Citibank person--address in North Dakota. Really surprised they would not list the CCP 98 witness Douglas Hallock who did the declaration in lieu of Trial. I sent a CCP 1987 ( to him as he had listed the lawyers as the address he was at and that only works for CCP 1987 witnesses. I can still subpoena him, but when he is not listed on the CCP 96, what is that a
  9. A FEW Last CCP 96 Questions: 1. Must I list the Plaintiff’s CCP 98 in lieu of Testimony witness as a witness I intend to call on my CCP 96 answer? 2. I cannot find clarification for what I DON’T have to list on the CCP 96 answer to the JDB —, but have heard that everything from the discovery process does NOT have to be reiterated or included. Is this true? For example, I plan to use all the discovery documents they sent and I sent, plus all the faxes back and forth and signature of receipt cards, etc. They should have ALL that info already. I do not want to spend the money re-sendi
  10. Question 3: I'm not saying it should be attempted but... Can I skip drawing up the Motion In Limine to not allow the contents of the CCP 98 prior to trial and just go to court and Motion For it Verbally? Or the same thing for a trial brief--meaning I make my citation notes and know everything I need to know top to bottom and just go in and argue my case verbally. I'm not saying it is the best way, but can it be done? I think it would be allowed and that there are no rules against that type of "wing it" defense. I see great Motion In Limines and Trial Briefs on the forum. Many of them
  11. Question 2: CCP 1987(b Vs. Subpeona Question-- What is the difference between using the CCP 1987 (b Notice To Appear to get a CCP 98 declarant to court or a subpoena? 3 year sago I won a case against an OC by sending a CCP 1987-b to their affiant at the lawyer's office. I sent it in care of Moore Law Group per their instructions. When I got to court--no witness showed, MLG asked for a continuance, I objected and said I want a dismissal and that I couldn't cross examine a piece of paper. The judge said the CCP 98 was faulty and he dismissed the case. I was going to do that with this
  12. Question 1: CCP 96 Question and Clarification--Very important! 2 questions: First; It appears I need the CCP 96 Answer from the Plaintiff before I file a MIL or prepare my Trial Brief, so I know what is up. Is that the proper order ? Second--The CCP 96 regards a statement that anything to be used for impeachment be it a witness or evidence need not be listed in a CCP response. But what constitutes falling under impeachment ? This whole case is about impeachment to me. The JDB are liars and have no standing. So can anyone clarify what impeachment allows me NOT to tell in the CCP
  13. I am reading what is on the LA County Superior court website for local rules, but it's not clear how many days I have to do what. I am reading limited civil--and it all seems vague. My case is out of the Norwalk Court with Judge Halm--Department SEY. I have no idea what calendar I am on for one--direct or master and this is not clear like the court rules I followed when I had a case in Long Beach 3 years ago. I'm wasting more time trying to find out what the time cut off is, than preparing my case. Any feedback--knowledge would be appreciated--by anyone on our forum. Thanks. If anyo
  14. I'm sending a CCP 1987 ( on 12/23/14 to Doug Hallock (Authorized Unifund Representative) at the local address. 145 S. Fairfax ave # 400, Los Angeles, Ca. I will look to get his CCP 98 thrown out when the witness does not show—which I hope he would not. But I don't know if I can pull off the trial brief and other documents I may need at this late date. I haven’t studied up on them and given the time it is a concern to me. I am hoping if not, that I can go in and argue what I would have placed into trial brief. I see great stuff on this site and I really shouldn’t have waited till the last secon