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  1. Is it a violation for a collection agency to put the statement giving you 30days to dispute the validity of a debt on the back of the first collection letter?
  2. Just got a letter from them. Do they report to CRAs and are they easy to work with.
  3. The JDB is also reporting a CC and cell phone as an installment for account type. Does that hurt my score even more?
  4. No the OC is not reporting and the JDB is not reporting last payment.
  5. Anyone know of a case where JDB was sued for violation of (15 USC 1692g), continued collection activity after failing to respond to a timely DV request by updating credit report every month and verifying disputes. I was told by a JDB that it was not considered a violation because they noted the listing on my CR as disputed and that’s all they are required to do. I have been trying to get them to validate for four months now.
  6. EX and TU reports only give the estimated date that it should fall off, it don’t specifically give a last payment date, I guess you got to do the math and its not reporting on EQ.
  7. No OC not reporting, what is considered sufficient proof that they own it? Should I also dispute DOLA and balance? i don’t know where to start.
  8. I really want it off my report and if C&D them, its no law saying that they got to remove it. They may sell it again but who knows when that will happen. Do you any strategies or suggestions which would result in speedy removal. I will take your advice. Thanks for your reply.
  9. I just got a collection notice from collection agency collecting for midland funding but MCM is the one that’s reporting on my credit report, who should I dispute the debt with Midland funding? I never received anything from MCM and they didn’t respond to my dispute. The debt is out of SOL.
  10. I recently disputed an incomplete TL w/TU reported by a JDB (date open and date closed was missing) and asked for their MOV, they verified one TL with no change at all and the other with new info below but the open and closed dates are still not there :confused:If they verified why didn’t they updated the TL and they completely ignored my request for their MOV! My question is can they continue to report incomplete TL? What are some key things I need to include in my letter back to them?
  11. I don’t know how long they can continue to do that. I used the free credit report as well when I started my credit repair, EQ and TU investigation was still complete in 30 days but EX took the full 45 for three separate investigations, however one way to get around that is to buy your own credit report and they only have 30days. Why give them two extra weeks.
  12. If you send a C&D letter, can they continue to update your credit report every month and can they verify a disputes?
  13. If I was to send a CA a C&D of communication letter, can they continue to update my credit report every month and can they verify a dispute? Will that be a violation? The debt is out of SOL.