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  1. In Nyankojo vs northstar capital acquistions 298 Ga App. 6 (2009) A creditor seeking to collect on a debt must introduce competent evidence to show chain of assignment actually leads back to the debtor. If this cannot be shown by documentation then the casew should be dismissed. Again in Wirth vs Cach llc 300 Ga App 488 (2009) A creditor must prove the entire chain of assignment of debt by competent evidence in order to collect on it. These junk debt buyers have been providing bogus computer generated papers that are usually part of a lumped amount of accounts purchased from the original creditor in bulk. its estimated that 90 percent of these debt collectors do not have the evidence to support validation of the debt that will satisfy the court. So this would be a great place to start I would think? But what do I know? I've been just trying to figure out what to do myself after being served with a lawsuit for an old Capital One debt. This site and everyones posts have given me a lot of information and I just hope its accurate as I am counting on much of it. : )