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  1. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait it out till 2020. Cash is king! Thanks, Clydesmom and Angellily. You've been very helpful. Spotlight
  2. I'm sorry, but I just thought of one more question: Are there any statutes of limitations with regard to my situation?
  3. Absolutly! I would rather pay. You have been very helpful. Thank you for your time.
  4. I would assume that maybe my only recourse would be to file bankruptcy before the settlement.
  5. Do you mean to say that they would only remove enough funds to satisfy the amount of the debt? Would I first be warned of an impending levy so as to pay them off beforehand?
  6. Clydesmom, Thank you for your quick reply! At the time, I had received several collection letters from those junk buyers. Since my only current income is from Social Security, I mailed each of them a letter claiming my right pursuant to the FDCP Act and to section 207 of the Social Security Act regarding protection from judgment. Thanks again!
  7. I recently had three major cards (BOA, Discover, Chase) that were charged off in 2014. Prior to that, my credit score was around 800. I accumulated debt when the economy crashed in 2008. I lost a rental property to an upside-down mortgage and also lost my job. My credit score is currently around 600+. I still have one debit/credit with my bank and one credit card with Capital One wich is always paid at the end of each month. I am soon to be the recipient of a possible 8 figure settlement. Therefore, I was wondering if it is possible to pay off the debt of these other credit card com
  8. I have a credit card debt with Bank of America for approximately 14k. My rental property (2-family house) was recently purchased through a short sale and has left me with nothing, no more rental income, NO assets. My only income now is Social Security. I was paying the OC on-time every month, but can no longer pay them. Should I write a hardship letter telling them I can't pay? Even if they sue, they can't collect, right? What to do?
  9. Well, guess what? Here it is . . . I've been served! After receiving a reply from my request for validation, I Received a Summons & Complaint from the same law firm representing Discover Card. It says I am to appear in the Civil Court of NY (gives the address) at the office of the clerk within 20 days to file my answer. I have no income other than monthly Social Security which is direct deposited to my bank account. I have two other Credit cards that are in default and have sent verification letters to their CA's with no response over several months. I have a foreclosure in the process a
  10. Thanks Usctrojanalum! The NY Court databases have a notification system that will e-mail the defendant when ever anything is updated or added to the case index. I registered there in hopes that I will be notified when they add an appearance date. Not bad eh?
  11. Thanks Scarab! I checked the NY County Civil Court online. They do have a database. The case is listed as 'active' but no appearance date in the heading. I' would assume that I will be served when a date is filled in. Do you know what the heading "Plaintiff Firm" or "Defendant Firm" means? (They are additional headings that have not been filled in) Do you know how long in advance of the court date they issue the summons? I've registered to have e-mail updates as they progress. Hope it works. BTW . . . I may just claim bankruptcy. Thanks again.
  12. Well guys, it's been a while but, I just received a letter from a law office (not representing Discover Bank) that states the following: "It has come to our attention through the County Court records, you have been named as a Defendant in a la0wsuit recently filed by Discover Bank. It is possible that the process server has not yet served you." So yes, it turns out they are correct in saying that I have not been served as yet. Iactually thought that they may have checked my credit report and noticed a recent foreclosure and figured that it wouldn't be worth the trouble. I live in New York C
  13. I recently sent a validation letter to a CA for Discover Card named Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP. They responded with nothing but a copy of the last bill which includes the interest charge calculation, and a copy of a general card member agreement from 2009. There was No original signed credit application. Is this acceptable?
  14. If and when I file bankruptsy against my mortgage lender, when will the tenant have to move out? Are there any tenent protections?