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  1. [quote name=antiquedave; What rights were assigned to which entity at what time becomes important' date=' I think that the family of affiliates take a lot of shortcuts and that they do things that they do not technically have the legal right at the time to pursue. If we got a hold of the assignment, master trust and pooling agreements we could identify those areas where they are taking shortcuts, getting payouts, insurance checks, multiple tax write offs on each account etc and breaking the law. Outstanding material to be used in a Request For Production of Documents. They are attempting to run roughshod over "debtors" by utilizing this Shell Game of theirs that they have been running since the 1990's.
  2. My buddy has been unemployed for over 2 years, Eight credit cards charged off, One lawsuit for $22,000.00 Plaintiff decided not to show on Bench Trial date. Numerous junk debt buyer and collection agency dunning letters later no other lawsuits and nobody messing with him. It is all about debt DEFENSE. It is how you attack the dunning letters PERIOD!! Anything else is utter nonsense. If you make them work and demand what they can't provide, they will go find the easy "debtors."
  3. Just curious, what does their "Bill of sale" consist of??
  4. My personal experience proved my credit report was not accurately reported by the original creditor MBNA/FIA/Bank of America. Bank of America got tired of me disputing my credit report on their items and sent me the "dreaded" fraud affidavit. I called them, asked for Ken Lewis corporate address and phone number and gave them an education on securitization of credit card accounts, the various tranches of trusts and credit default swaps. Now I have seen posts on this forum saying credit default swaps have nothing to do with credit card accounts, utter nonsense. I know of a victim of this abuse who had the Department of Justice at her house and also had the SEC tell her, "Yes you are right, that is how it works, but you can never prove that." I have had dealings with the FDIC that tell me they are not a regulator for the public good but are in fact a coverup artist. Upon the completion of my phone call with Bank of America my credit report immediately showed Zero balance, sold to another lender. Bank of America knew of no judgments, (there were 2), so much for these debt collectors representing the original creditor. Those judgments have been attempted to be collected on but they after receiving a demand for proof of claim, the crooks disappear. So no, your credit report is not necessarily "accurate."
  5. You sound like that idiot Massive, he actually makes the alleged Plaintiff show proof through authenticated evidence , that they own the alleged debt being sued upon. He actually pressures the alleged victim from the initial dunning letter to prove their claim or disappear. They elect to disappear, be it in court during the litigation of a lawsuit or pursuant to the first dunning letter.
  6. Exactly, they go after the debtors who never respond to dunning letters and who never answer the summons. No entity has a right to call you after you have expressed to them that you only conduct business through the US mail system. You aren't avoiding anything, just letting them know that you operate through the US mail.
  7. Great advice Noway, getting ahead2 could probably mess with the junk debt buyer by sending a letter stating, "I paid you per our agreement, please forward authenticated proof of ownership of the debt I paid, otherwise I will seek my remedy under state and federal law pursuant to my state consumer protection act and the federal fair debt collection practices act among other laws at my disposal." Could make them think twice. Granted you should demand authenticated proof of ownership prior to paying a junk debt buyer. Personally I would never pay a junk debt buyer a penny, because there is no set of circumstances where I would ever owe a junk debt buyer any amount of money.
  8. I agree, Plaintiff's have been so used to being allowed to just state, "Citibank objects to this request as being vague, overly broad and not reasonably calculated to lead to discoverable evidence. Subject to and without waiving the foregoing objection, this request is denied. Further and without waiving said objection, Plaintiff is the owner and holder of defendant's account." They have gotten away with just saying they own the account without providing proof. You need to educate the Court from time to time. Their responses to discovery is pathetic.
  9. I then believe the Court would have power to dismiss sua sponte for fraud upon the court!!
  10. I'm fully aware of that. I am also aware that if the Court reads the pleadings like they should at some point a Judge should say, wait a minute, this type of affidavit was proven to be deceptive at the least in some other cases that were dismissed involving this same Plaintiff that I presided over. At some point we run into a Misprision of Felony. What we have right now is a system that Al Capone could only have dreamed of.
  11. I think if you look behind the curtain, you will find that all accounts have been securitized, and why not as it is quite a racket for the credit card company. There are multiple affirmative defenses to use and securitization is gaining steam as a good one. There has to be a reason the credit card companies don't want the Master Trust Agreements exposed to the light of day. Seems to me this subject was alleged by some to be pure hokem but has exhibited amazing resilience and continues to be cussed and discussed on this forum. I know it has served me well in parts unknown.
  12. It's covered, if it is inconvenient for you to accept phone calls that is why you inform them that you only accept written communication through the US mail. My experience is they never call after I assert my right to only written correspondence.
  13. Quote:I am working with Freedom Debt Relief currently. They have told me they can't handle another case while they are in the process of paying off one account. They are currently paying off my Discover card and will be finished paying off on that account on 8/23/2011. Any and all help/information is greatly appreciated.
  14. They read a line off a computer, they don't have any records, that's why that Chase insider decided to expose the robosigner racket. Bank of America was using teenagers as alleged Vice Presidents signing affidavits for crying out loud. C'mon!! It's high time that the Courts start scrutinizing these "Affidavits" instead of taking them as absolute proof of a debt. But god forbid, the Courts have to do any work!!
  15. The vast majority of the affidavits used by original creditors are fraudulent also. Just ask Noway!!
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