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  1. I know that kicking it back to the OC isn't a violation. But I was under the impression that in California, an OC is considered a CA and also has to follow the FDCPA rules. Didn't they violate by only sending me a billing statement without any "debt collector" statements?
  2. Thanks for clarifying that. I did a bit more reading and saw the part about "record the violations and report to FTC." But, Like I said CA kicked it back to OC, OC sent me a "billing statement" with no mini-Miranda, etc...Should I mark that as a violation for my records?
  3. 10 things found in your kid's backpack... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. _______________ (this poster starts the next game)
  4. 10 Things found in an attic .... 1. Old lace 2. Christmas decorations 3. Old pictures 4. Spider webs 5. Insulation 6. Old chairs 7. First hand print turkey you made for mom which makes you cry 8. Dust 9. Old lawsuit summonses I SHOULD HAVE ANSWERED! 10. Awesome dress-up clothes
  5. Thanks again for the answers, I do have one more question. Am I correct in my understanding that California is one of the states that doesn't allow collection activity for an OOS debt? Rosenthal Act: Article 2.6 Unfair Collection Practices The law prohibits all debt collection practices that are judicially determined to be “unfair.”65 The law also prohibits certain practices that the Legislature has defined as “unfair.” The following specific rules apply: 1. Physical force or criminal means. It is unlawful for a collector to collect a debt by using physical force or any criminal means to cau
  6. I figured as much. I got a regular billing statement style request for payment in the mail from DishNetwork yesterday. I'm not exactly sure what to make of it. I know that Rosenthal Act treats OC as CA for the purposes of Debt Collecting, but I really am at a loss with this bit. It seems that CA kicked it back to OC, and billing got confused. I did check a bit more of Rosenthal and lo and behold, CA violation in the form of no written statement within 5 days of original contact. The statement I got from OC reads like a standard monthly billing, complete with directions on auto-pay. Does
  7. Does the phrase "This call may be monitored" on the OC end allow me to record on my end?
  8. Honestly, I remember asking the rep about a statute of limitations in California, and was told no, California doesn't have one. Don't know if that's a violation at all, but for the rep to tell me he had a list of all the states with SOL at his desk and California wasn't on it? Is lying about the law a violation at all?
  9. Thank you all for quick responses. I'm not going to do anything more, unless they try again. Is there a link with a list of abreviations? I'm not sure what FOAD is, but I think I've got the rest figured out.
  10. Apol:?:ogies for the long post, but I thought it would be best to present all the details upfront. I got a phone call a few weeks ago from Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC. The agent verified my identity, read me my mini-miranda, then proceeded to tell me I owed Dish Network $34.69. I find this hard to believe, because I haven't had an account with Dish Network since 2005. He read me a service address for the account, where I did live and have dish network service for nine months, but he said the starting date of srvice was 12/2003. I lived at said address from 6/2004 through 3/2005. He sai