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  1. If a dispute is filed with the CB to verify the accuracy of a TL, can it change the DOLA? The reason I ask is I plan on purchasing a home soon and there is an account in collections that I don't recognize or ever received information from the CA about. However I would hate to dispute the TL with the CB only to have it be verified and the DOLA changed to the current date, dropping my credit score. I'm getting conflicting reports via the internet on what actions can change the date of last activity and what difference, if any, is there between the date of last activity and the date of first default. Any clarification would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. The settled debt was paid off within the last 3 months. She charges roughly 15% of her credit line when using her card and pays the balance immediately each statement. The tradeline on the one being disputed reads as in dispute. I'm thinking about possibly adding her to one of my credit cards as an authorized user. I've had it for 8 years and have made every payment on it. Currently it has no balance. Any input?
  3. Her middle score is a 593. I pulled her scores from so correct me if they are wrong. What other factors may the lender use to change her score? She hasd some outstanding debt with collection agencies. All but one have been settled and paid. The other is currently in dispute. She recently got a credit card and has been making purchases and paying it off every month.
  4. Hi everyone. My fiancee and I are looking into purchasing a new home. This would be the first home for the both of us. Our concern at the moment is that her FICO is not that great with the lowest of the three at 580. She's currently in the process of rebuilding her credit and has been doing great so far. My credit, on the other hand, is good with the lowest of the three at 740. I don't think I can qualify for a loan with my income alone. She makes more money than I do. What are our options? Should we apply for a loan together? Apply for a loan by myself? Wait another year for her credit score to improve and try then? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.