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  1. Just got off the phone with the OC and they told me that if I pay them then the CA will not get paid for this account which is contrary to what the CA told me. Some nice leverage there...
  2. This is the part that I find so strange. I'm waiting for the rep I spoke with yesterday to call me back. I plan on telling him that I have 2 letters written up: One letter to his agency that includes a PFD letter for the amount they're requesting which needs only to be signed with a self addressed stamped envelope and another letter to the OC offering the same thing that explains that to them that the company they hired to collect a debt failed to do their job because they refused to spend the 10 minutes and 44 cents it would've taken them to collect their money. I'm willing to bet the OC would be more than happy to accept the offer and not have to pay the CA their collection fee.
  3. Aargon is a CA collecting on a utility bill from Missouri (live in Florida now). The bill was delinquent in the spring of '06. Again the amount of the debt is a nonissue, it's the having the deletion in writing prior to payment that is hanging this deal up. Thanks.
  4. I sent a pay for delete offer to Aargon offering about half of the debt in exchange for full deletion. Today, I received a call from them offering that I pay the full amount in exchange for deletion. I told the guy that I wanted a letter from them putting this offer in writing. He told me that the way they handle this is that I go on the website and make a payment and then he would explain to me how to get the deletion letter. I told him that without a letter in writing, there was no way that I would make a payment. He told me to rest assured that it would be deleted if I made payment. I again told him no. He then tried to explain to me that they don't send out letters like that and that they wouldn't do that. I said that if they didn't spend the 44 cents it would cost them to send me a letter then they would not get their money. I'm now wondering what to do next. Should I send another letter telling them nothing will be done over the phone and only offers in writing will be considered? Any help and insight would be much appreciated. Thanks and God bless.
  5. Alright well I took a middle of the road approach. I told them that while I know that they're not required to show me proof that they do indeed own the debt that I also understand they will be required to do so should they take this case to court and that they won't receive any money from me without said proof. I then went on to request validation etc etc and told them that even though they are not yet attempting to collect a debt that they ought to provide all of this now before they do start, otherwise they will just have to go through this whole process again. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll keep you posted.
  6. Norway -- Thank you for your thorough analysis. I guess my hope is that since Verizon did not have any account information on this 14+ months ago that there will not be much documentation available for Midland to verify this debt. The part that confuses me is how the letter states they are not attempting to collect a debt and will not do so for at least 30 days. Has anyone ever heard of this? My concern is that since they are not attempting to collect a debt yet that I can not start the validation process yet.
  7. Then why would Midland wait until now to contact me and say that they have purchased this debt? Regardless, what course of action would you recommend?
  8. I just received a letter from Midland Funding saying that they now own an account that I had with Verizon Florida Inc. I had home internet and cable service with them around three years ago and then cancelled my service. About a year ago, I inquired with Verizon to get service for my home again. When talking to them I asked them if there were any previous accounts that needed to be cleared up first. I was told that they had no record of an account. Additionally, Verizon has made no effort to contact me over the past three years in regards to this account. Now I just have a letter from Midland saying that they own the account and to contact them in reference to the account. It also says that no collection efforts will begin for at least 30 days from this notice. I have zero clue what to do with this. I am already, successfully, repairing my credit with the help from this form. i plan on trying to buy a house a year from now so I want to protect my credit for the short term future as much as possible, even if it means shelling out some cash now. Best regards
  9. Got home today and had a notice for a missed certified delivery from one of the collection agencies I DV'd. Was this most likely a summons? It's a tiny debt, under $300 so I could pay it today if I had to. Will just being summoned have any effect on my CR, even if I called them tomorrow and paid the whole thing off (I know that having them change it to paid and redating it would hurt it)? And will CAs still accept an out of court payment if they've sued me?
  10. OK so it sounds like sending them something referencing 805 © (1) is my best plan of attack. How about sending them something like this: Should I also enclose a copy of my original letter to them and a copy of the return receipt? Also note that this debt is very small, ie less than $1000. If they decided to file suit on me I could settle it tomorrow no problem. Thanks guys.
  11. Call was automated and to my cell. They stated that they were a debt collector attempting to collect a debt.
  12. Yes it was sent cmrrr and they received it a few weeks ago. So what should my next move be? I'm interested in just getting this off of my cr more than anything else.
  13. I DV'd with Aargon Agency and received a letter from an attorney representing them demanding payment and stating the amount I owed and the name of the original creditor. I've never received a dunning letter from them and they have since started calling me and leaving voicemails even though I stated in the letter that all contact must go through mail. Thank you.
  14. Sorry for not specifying. Bill is from a Colorado hospital.
  15. I disputed an old medical collection that has been on my CR for quite some time from the CA Account Brokers of Larimer County from Nov '07. I disputed with both the CRAs and sent a DV to the CA. Today I got a dunning letter from the saying that the debt has been referred to the CA for collection and that I had 30 days to dispute this. Should I wait until I hear back from the CRAs and then use the 1-2 punch with these guys since they essentially gave me another 30 day window to dispute the debt? Although I don't intend to sue at all, was it a violation for them to have been reporting this to the CRAs without having received a dunning letter? It also shows that the principal amount on the debt of around $1400. Since the date of service in Nov '07 it has since accrued nearly $400 in interest. Call me crazy but that seems like a really high interest rate. Should I save disputing the interest amount for a later date, after they validate the debt? Thanks
  16. I disputed a few things with TU back on the 14th, one of the things by phone. I got a letter from them shortly after that saying that my dispute for the phone dispute was complete and that they also updated my current home address. Then today I got a letter from TU saying that they received my paper dispute but would not be able to send it to the address I provided because it's not the address they have on file for me. What's weird is that the address I provided them is the one they just said they put in their system as my new address. Do I provide them with the documents they want to update my address now or wait? I thought that I've read that if I make contact with them again then their 30 day window is renewed. Or was the letter probably just a mistake and I should just sit back and wait?
  17. I'm in my mid 20s and pulled up my CR a month or so ago. I knew it was going to be ugly as purposefully ignored calls from CAs and letters of the such. Most of these are in the 4-5 year old range so needless to say I have missed any of the 30 day windows that are oft talked about in these forums after receiving a dunning letter from the CAs. I disputed all collections accounts with the CRAs and sent out DV letters to the CAs, all CMRRR at the same time. From what I understand, the CAs are under no obligation to respond to my requests since I am out of their 30 day window, correct? Now my question is pertaining this section from the PRIMER posted by kaner I'm having a hard time deciphering what is being said here. First of all, does this still apply to me since I am out of the original 30 day window, and second if it does apply, am I ok since I disputed with the CRAs and CAs at the same time? If all of this does apply to my situation, then what is my course of action once I start receiving replies from the CRAs and CAs? Are the CAs required to verify with me now if they verify with the CRAs? At what point do the violations actually begin to occur? I'm not interested in actually going to court but just in loading up my credit repair war chest so I can have some leverage for getting some deletes. Sorry this is all so long winded. Since this is such a time consuming mission I would at least like to make sure that I am doing this correctly. I have been following admin's flow chart and the aforementioned primer and am just interested to see how they mesh. God bless
  18. I really don't think that this is the case. I haven't heard from these guys in years and find it pretty hard to believe that they would just happen to send me a letter the day after they receive my DV by "accident.' Note however that I am not really looking to sue these guys. I'm more so just looking to get some ammo in my war chest should things take a turn for the worse and get ugly. Thanks to both of you.
  19. First of all thanks to everyone on these boards. First post but I've been lurking for a few weeks and the support that I see everyone giving to each other is both very helpful and encouraging. I sent a DV to a CA in Vegas via CM RRR. On the same day I got the return receipt, I also received a letter from a law firm on behalf of the CA. The letter is just saying that their services have been retained but that they are not pursuing any legal action as of yet, yada yada yada. At the bottom of the letter is the standard "This is a communication from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt." The letter is dated April 20, however it is postmarked April 21. Since the CA received my DV on the 20th, would this be a violation? Thank you all very much.