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  1. I keep getting letters from them. The letters include my first and last name, but a different middle name and the wrong social security number. Also It's for a TD Bank account that was overdrawn and now in collections. The irony is a have a TD account that is in good standing and will continue to be as I am happy with that bank. What should I do? I have called them repeatedly and told them to stop sending me these collection letter but they won't.
  2. Thanks for this. Just wondering what did you say in those letters?
  3. I consolidated some loans successfully. However the original lenders are continuing to report on my credit report. Can the original lenders do that? If not what kind of dispute letter do I send them and do I send it to all of original lenders or just to Equifax and Experian?
  4. Thanks Colt fan and kent. This JDB is horrible. You know whats funny way back in the summer when I had my case management conference the lawyer for the JDB said he was ordering documents from the OC and that he was moving for motion summary judgement. I waited and waited for him to file the MSJ but he never did. Ironically when I saw what he had after discovery I moved to file my own. He basically had three bills of sale that are not originals but facsimiles and faxes and a credit card statement that is also a facsimile with not charges or no reference to citi bank. He also said that the rest of the "evidence" he had was restricted due to attorney client privilege. I'll keep you guys posted.
  5. Thanks guys I did a bold move and moved for summary judgement. I also looked up case law about jdb faking documents to win. I'm nervous. I said in the beginning on another thread that the jdb who actually owns the collection company was disbarred for 8 years for illegal debt practices DISBARRED that's insane and embarrassing yet he continues to work in this business. I wanted to bring this up in cross exam but don't know how. Any suggestions.
  6. Methuss where did you get the rule that they have to have their IT guide? I like to to know so I can site it. Also what questions did the JDB ask any of you if you were on the stand.
  7. Thanks Coltfan you're so awesome. I'm not sure what this sneak is up too. I plan on trying to do a summary judgement on my pre-trial date. I brought up the fact that the Plaintiff has not proven its complaint, they haven't proven that they own the debt, they haven't provided admissible evidence that I own the debt. One question can I cross examine their witness or do you think it would be foolish?
  8. Can anyone that has gone through the trial phase give me some advise about being on the stand? What questions were asked and how did you answer. Also they have a keeper of records to testify. I'm planning on objecting on the grounds of hearsay. That witness only has knowledge of the records at the JDB not the OC. Thanks
  9. Ok so I finished my motion summary judgement and included the bills of sale and statements.
  10. Thanks Coltfan. I drafted up two motions one to strike the 3 pages of statements and one to strike to bill of sale and the assignment. It's amazing because the bill of sale and the assignment doesn't even reference the original bank or me for that matter. Everything else they claimed it was privileged how am I or the court going to determine if the account is really mine if it's privileged and the info they have doesn't reference me. I swear to you this is all this guy sent. Scary.
  11. Thanks for your answers do along with a motion summary judgement do you think I should motion to strike or object the 5 pieces of paperwork they sent?
  12. I wanted to get some new perspective on my case so far.... I'm Being sued in Ma by a JDB for a debt that is 6months shy of SOL. I answer the complaint and we both asked for discovery. They sent me Discovery basically asking for a bunch of stuff they should already have. I answered their Discovery and sent off my own. I went to pre trial conference and October 31 and they still hadn't answered my discovery so the Judge compelled them. They sent back my discovery mostly with General Objections and with lines such as client attorney privelage. They also objeceted to most of my demands for documents but included a horrific cop'sy of a bill of sale assignment and assumption agreement without a name or account number. They included another bill of sale from unifund none of the bills' of sale reference my name or account. I'm thinking of typing a motion to dismiss the complaint. If this is all they sent then they don't have a case. However I wanted you opinion we meet again for another conference on December 12th. I wanted to dismiss after I saw what they had. I see they have nothing. They haven't even sent affidavits. What else do you recommend? Should I strike and object to thses documents?
  13. Dude you guys rock! The folks on this forum are what our fore fathers wanted a group of people who don't take things lying down. Thank you Thank you!
  14. Even thought I filing bankruptcy I wanted to answer these request and submit my own. Here's what's stumping me: The attorney has the request lettered not numbered by the way A: The defendant has no valid defenses to any action and any answer filed in this case was alleged in bad faith and was for the purpose of interposing delay. Not sure what to say to that one. B: The defendant has no meritorious defenses to this action. not sure what to put C: The defendant is not only liable for the amounts set forth in the complaint, but is liable to the plaintiff for all cost of collection, including attorneys' fees. not sure what to say E: the Defendant obtained a Citibank Universal Credit Card that is at issue. I already denied but he's asking the same question again and again F: The defendant used the CitiBank Card that is at issue? again same question how should I respond G: The Defendant has an outstanding balance of XXXX plus interest cost. I:The Defendant recieved a copy of the credit agreement containing all of the terms of the agreement for using the subject credit card. I never received anything so I said Deny. J: The defendant was issued the subject account. Deny. H:By using the subject credit card, the defendants agreed to be bound by the terms of the credit card agreement. Deny These are the worst request to admit I've seen what are your thoughts on how to answer.
  15. You're awesome Coltfan. Thanks for responding this guy is a nasty, nasty character so nasty that he was banned from MA for a time. I may have to drag it out to make him suffer.