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  1. AntiqueDave, I can't wait for out appt next Fri. Thanks for the advice. Debtfighter - I really don't know if it is important, but I had a BOA credit and a Sallie Mae MBNA credit card. When BOA and MBNA merged I called them and asked them if I could combine both accounts into one card. They agreed and my limited became the $39K, so now it's a BOA Sallie Mae credit card. Glassner and Glassner attached two BOA statements, one being from March 2010, which was the last time I was able to make the $1200 min payment. I cannot log into my BOA online account anymore because the account is closed, so I can't view any other statements. I need to see what I have on hand. Another things is that Glassner and Glassner states my BOA credit card and account number and then FIA Card Services and a different account number. I don't understand when it became FIA Card Services since my statements say BOA. Additionally, the summons doesn't have a court date on it. Thanks for the help!
  2. My husband and I are meeting with a bankruptcy attorney next Friday. The situation is that we are current on our mortgage (1st and 2nd). I am current on all my other bills except for this one BOA credit card. He is severely delinquent on all of his credit cards. Do I want to file for bankruptcy over this one credit card? Which will be worse? I obviously can't afford to have this creditor garnish my wages or freeze my bank accounts (not that we have anything). I've been reading contradicting things about the summons. Some website say if I ignore the summons that is bad, others say if I respond I am admitting guilt. Yes, $39K is a lot. We incurred this debt when my husband was doing quite well with his work and we thought we could pay. Our stupidity. We've learned hard lessons this last year and a half.
  3. Hi there, I posted a thread on "Warrant of Debt", but that's not correct. I received a summons on May 6 (the clerk taped it to my front door). It's for a BOA credit card that I'm way overdue on (FIA Card Services?). Glassner and Glassner is the law firm. I have no idea how to respond to this summons. I have 21 days. I do know that I can't pay this debt right now (husband is unemployed) and it's $39,000. I did try to work out a payment plan with BOA last year, but couldn't commit to it because they were asking $6oo a month for 5 years. With my husband being unemployed there was no way I could commit to it. Now, Glassner and Glassner wants $1800/month for 5 years or $23K, of which I have neither. The original creditor is BOA, they are the ones who gave me the credit card. When MBNA merged with BOA they combined my credit limits. I do not have any idea who FIA Card Services is. Yes, I owe the debt and I had every intention of paying it. But, when the monthly payment went to $1200 a month it was either paying the credit card bill or my mortgage. Any advice on how I can respond to this summons will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. VADebtor, got your PM. Thanks! I can't PM you back because I haven't hit the 10 posts limit. That's a weird rule. We contacted Robert Weed and have started working on filling out the paperwork. Could you please PM me back with more info? What is the process like? His fee? Does he have an installment plan? Thanks!
  5. Please send me a PM. I tried to send you one, but couldn't since I don't have enough posts. Thanks!
  6. My husband and I are seriously considering bankrupty (we live in VA). He's currently unemployed. We are seeking out an attorney, but thought I would reach out here first. We're current on our 1st and 2nd mortgages and I am current on all my credit cards and personal loan (make min payments only). except for my BOA credit card. I haven't been able to pay on it for a year. They raised the min payment to $1200. Balance on BOA is $39,000. I'll be going to court for this soon and what worries me is that they will garnish my wages and bank accounts. We have no savings. I need to my paycheck to pay the mortgage. My husband has defaulted on all of this credit cards. We want to keep our house, but get a fresh start. I tried to explain to the BOA lawyers that we intend to pay as soon as my husband finds a job, but they are full steam ahead about taking action. Is bankruptcy for us? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the posts. Our main goal is to first pay the mortgage, then other bills. When choosing which bill to fall behind on BOA was the obvious choice because the monthly payment had skyrocketed. Chase set up a 5 year payment plan with me, which I have not missed a payment. When I was trying to work with BOA the payment plan they tried to set up was still ridiculous. The thing is that once my husband gets a job we are going to agressively attack the debt. We made mistakes in the past and we acknowledge that. I'm going to call Glassner and Glassner to day to see if they will just wait this out with me a little longer. I don't want to go to court for this. I was reading the legal documents and it cites Bank of America card number XXXXXXXXXXXX and then it was changed to FIA Card Services card number XXXXXXXXXXXX. My statements only reflect the Bank of American credit card number and they are the ones who issued me the credit line. All of this is so confusing. Thanks again!
  8. Hi, This is my first time posting. My husband and I are in extreme financial hardship. He's been out of work for over a year now. However, we are current on our mortgage and I am current on all of MY credit cards and a personal loan except one (min payments only). Sallie Mae student loan is being deferred due to financial hardship. Bank of America is the only debtor that I am severely late on. My minimum payment jumped to $1000 a month back in March 2010 and I could no long afford to pay it. The mortgage had to come first. The total BOA credit card debt is $39,000. This is a Sallie Mae credit card that I had with MBNA. When MBNA and BOA merged they consolidated my credit lines. This is debt that I do acknowledge I owe, but under the current circumstances I cannot afford to pay. FIA Card Services took over the credit card and I explained to them our situation. So, now FIA Card Services (via Glassner and Glassner Attorneys at law) are filing a warrant in debt against me for $39,000. I don't know what do it since my husband is still unemployed. My husband is seriously delinquent on his credit cards, and I really don't want to, but we are considering bankruptcy only because of the BOA credit card. Please advise. Is it time for me to get an attorney? Thanks!
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